Virtual Instructor-Led Training

Virtual Training in Complex Times

We’ve entered a moment of great social and economic complexity, one that is nearly unprecedented. The combination of a large-scale global pandemic and massive economic disruption has forced businesses to transition into virtual workplaces more than ever before.

Particularly in uncertain times, a Challenger seller must be attuned to the reality of their customer’s situation and offer tailored commercial insight to improve that customer’s business. This requires sellers to perform at the top of their Challenger game. Sales leaders cannot risk putting poorly prepared sellers in hyper complex and hyper emotional customer situations. The best way to prepare them now is with virtual sales training that combines best-in-class digital learning with an interactive classroom.

Challenger offers a comprehensive virtual development program to prepare front-line sellers, managers and the broader commercial organization for the realities of the new selling environment. The skill-building foundation is our full suite of e-learning, tools and support available on our Activation Platform. These resources build knowledge and understanding of key Challenger principles as effectively as live training by taking advantage of:

  • Blended Instruction – Learning activities designed to keep sellers engaged throughout the training timeline, including interactive e-learning modules, scenarios, application exercises, and more.
  • Spaced Repetition – Instruction and training pacing optimized to ensure that your sellers are better positioned for durable learning.
  • Lean Learning –Laser-focused skills training that increases your teams ability to learn, retain, and apply the key lessons they need to move forward.

Virtual learning will fall short if it doesn’t include the practice required to achieve real business outcomes. A virtual training program expected to prepare your sales team to achieve success in an uncertain and difficult economic environment requires intensive coaching, joint-innovation and human-to-human support. We must mirror in-person coaching in a digital workspace. To do this, we draw from our bench of expert and experienced Challenger Advisors.

Featured Solution

Challenger in a Virtual Environment

Sales professionals must adapt their Challenger skillset to drive results when selling virtually. Join Ed Carr, a Challenger Advisor and former Chief Sales Officer, as he provides some tactical guidance for applying Challenger in this new environment

Challenger’s VILT suite of solutions

ChallengerTM Activation

A platform to support your Challenger commercial strategy, Activation includes expert advice, interactive elearning, tools, and community events to scale and sustain the Challenger sales model virtually in your organization.

Virtual Classroom with Integrated eLearning

Not all online learning is created equal. Our virtual training programs are blended learning sequences that combine dynamic virtual content, deal-based exercises for real-world application, and virtual coaching with expert Challenger Advisors.

Virtual Deal Accelerator Workshop

Accelerate pipeline progress by applying Challenger skills with this virtual sales training and coaching tool that maximizes digital learning efficiencies with synthesis and support, guided practice, and real-life application.

“We are relatively new in our Challenger Journey but a lot has changed across the world since we began. Despite the world being in lockdown and everyone having to rapidly adapt to a new way of working, the team both on the Challenger and ITRS side have been brilliant in flexing their approach and ensuring that we are able to bring together parts of the business to begin this commercial transformation. Our Virtual Leadership kick off was full of excitement and energy, and produced a concrete plan and vision to take forward into our transformation. The Virtual Challenge Yourself Workshop was very well-received, excellently delivered, and engaging throughout. We have even had a few people comment that it is one of the best sales training they have ever been on. We continue to work closely with Challenger on embedding and sustaining the Challenger approach. We are excited about what’s in front of us and very much look forward to seeing where this will take us, the improvements this will make with our customers, our employees and our performance.”

Elliot Howard, ITRS Group Ltd

“We went through virtual training with Challenger in March.  As a company that knows firsthand the common pitfalls of virtual demonstrations, we were thrilled with how our Challenger facilitator kept everybody engaged throughout the session.  Our team felt like we had just experienced the future of training in this virtual environment.

Tracey Gatland, Managing Director, GRAPHISOFT North America

“What has stood out to us about Challenger, was the opportunity to learn and develop the skills at our chosen pace. This has been accomplished through the eLearning options for content that used to require 2 or 3 days in a classroom.  In addition, they’ve helped us pivot to virtual offerings of facilitator led sessions without any drop off in engagement or degradation of the learning experience.  The flexibility of the Challenger team to meet our team member needs and the needs of our business has been exceptional. “

Joe Berry, Chief Learning Officer, Pinnacol Assurance

“Simply put, if you fully commit to the Challenger journey in both your sales and marketing strategy, you will see significantly improved sales performance.”

Gerry Romanelli, Chief Commercial Officer, Triose

“We chose Challenger at a time when the industry is competitive, products are being commoditized, and buyers are looking to sellers for much more than product knowledge. Integrating it through Sales, Marketing, and Service helps us have a common understanding of how we approach our industry and has differentiated us. After our first full year with it, we’re even more excited for the future.”

Barry Swihart, Senior VP of Sales, Odysseyware

“The Challenger program has given us a way to provide even more focus in our commercial messaging and reduce the amount of projects where we have to negotiate on price alone. The program has allowed us to improve the capitalization on our R&D investment as we can better discuss our key differentiators.”

Gurdeep Sadera, Director of Sales Operations, Genetec

Virtual Advisors. Proven Expertise.

Virtual training relies on advisors with the expertise, experience, and skills to conduct successful training and coaching in a digital environment.

Meet Our Advisors
Tyrone Edwards

Former SVP of Sales, Merck

Ed Carr

Ines Ochin

Former Global Sales School Learning Consultant, IBM EMEA

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