Avoid the high cost of a bad hire with Challenger Hire, an online assessment that tells you which job candidates demonstrate greater Challenger potential and overall likelihood to succeed in the role. Challenger Hire provides all the resources you need to hire the right seller, every time.


Why Challenger Hire


Learn each candidate’s job fit or likelihood to meet quota


Use Challenger behavioral interview questions


Conduct panel interviews to further accelerate your recruitment


Receive development feedback to onboard each seller


The Cost of a Bad Hire

According to a Challenger survey of 1,126 sales managers looking back at 5,632 hiring decisions, up to 22% of sales hiring decisions are regretted.

And these days, almost half of all B2B sales organizations have turnover rates of 30% or greater.  That’s more than half the salesforce every two years. In 2022, 44% of sellers plan to leave their job within 2 years and it is taking 6.2 months to fill an open sales position.

Each failed sales hire costs the organization millions in missed revenue and there are substantial direct costs for rehiring, onboarding, and training.

Bad hiring is time-consuming and affects your bottom line. Identifying candidates with high job fit early accelerates recruiting, improves revenue, and reduces attrition.

How Challenger Hire Works

Using a database of over 50,000 top-performing sellers, Challenger Hire combines decades of assessment science with our cutting-edge research on the sales experience to benchmark your job candidates.

Our whole-person approach ensure that our assessments provide better prediction than other assessments that measure personality alone. Candidates not only answer questions about their values, preferences, beliefs, and typical workplace behavior but are also assessed on their critical thinking skills.

Challenger Hire is validated to be used off-the-shelf but can also be tailored to include any competency requirements that make your sales role unique.  It’s also documented to be free of adverse impact, ensuring a level playing field for all candidates and complementing your company’s diversity and inclusion efforts.

Features & Benefits

Accelerate Recruiting

Save Sales Manager time by presenting better qualified candidates

Improve Sales Results

Use a validated assessment to avoid candidates with poor job fit

Reduce Attrition

Motivate sellers in the role and manage career progression


What is Challenger Hire?

Challenger Hire is a validated assessment that provides all the resources you need to hire the right seller, every time. The assessment is complemented with structured interview guides that enable Sales Managers to make the best possible hiring decision.

How does Challenger Hire work?

Candidates answer questions about their values, preferences, beliefs and typical workplace behavior and also take a short test of their critical thinking ability. This produces a 0 to 100 Job Fit Score indicative of their likelihood to success in the role. Results can be used to screen away very low scorers, prioritize high scorers and/or get more out of interview time based upon the insights in the assessment results.

What kind of customer is a good fit for Challenger Hire?

Anyone hiring for commercial roles for Challenger hire. The competencies measured are broadly applicable across industries and go-to-market models. Further, our existing customers tell us that Hire pays for itself after one or two hiring decisions.

How is Challenger Hire different from other assessment tools?

Most assessments contain only personality content, placing a ceiling on their prediction power. Challenger Hire is differentiated by its inclusion of cognitive ability testing, providing superior prediction. Further, Challenger Hire is based on the largest-ever research about the competences required for success in sales. Vendors who do not have this type of valuable data set will encourage you to ‘profile’ a small group of your current high performers to design the assessment. This approach, while appealing on the surface, is prone to numerous well-documented flaws.

How will Challenger Hire work within our recruiting process?

The sooner you are able to administer the assessment, the more informed you’ll be about each candidate’s true potential. For most companies, this means after engaging candidates via screening or informational interviews but prior to the bulk of the interview process with Sales Managers. Results can be used to prioritize which candidates to interview as well as to address possible red flags based on assessment results.

How were the survey questions designed?

The survey questions are based on the customer study that founded the Challenger model. All survey questions have been extensively tested and researched and are included to specifically gauge customer sentiment across key Challenger principles.

What evidence of validity exists?

Numerous criterion-related validation studies have established strong empirical links between our Overall Score and business outcomes like percent-to-quota, win rate, total sales bookings, and manager ratings of seller performance. Further, when comparing across races, genders, and ages, any subgroup differences are small, minimizing the risk of adverse impact. A complete Technical Manual is available upon request.

What Our Clients Say

“Our sales force has embraced the Challenger Approach, which has enabled them to engage the customer in a Conversation Choreography comprised of Insight and thought leadership.  These impactful conversations have resulted in big wins around the globe.”

Michael Adley, Director, Global Sales Enablement, Ericsson

“The Challenger program has given us a way to provide even more focus in our commercial messaging and reduce the amount of projects where we have to negotiate on price alone. The program has allowed us to improve the capitalization on our R&D investment as we can better discuss our key differentiators.”

Gurdeep Sadera, Director of Sales Operations, Genetec

“Not only are we pleased with the training and support provided by Challenger, but they also provide an incredible follow-up survey and reinforcement experience that allows me to clearly articulate ROI to senior business leaders. We have seen a 13x return on our investment with Challenger. “

Steve Cannella, Financial Services Marketing Manager, Global Technology Company

“We went through virtual training with Challenger in March.  As a company that knows firsthand the common pitfalls of virtual demonstrations, we were thrilled with how our Challenger facilitator kept everybody engaged throughout the session.  Our team felt like we had just experienced the future of training in this virtual environment.

Tracey Gatland, Managing Director, GRAPHISOFT North America

“It was impressive how a well-prepared Challenger approach worked with this important customer which hadn’t considered us for several years. The team identified the right moment to attack, collaborated with the customer to resolve their issues, and finally closed the deal!”

Bernd Stenger, President, Heraeus Epurio

“When questioned about the increase in our scores, I shared that it’s all about having great people who now have great strategies.  With the Effortless Experience™ skills, we can insulate the customer from all of the back office noise.  You can trust your people to stand in that gap.”

Marian Favors Director, Customer Support, Karl STORZ

“Customers felt that I was bringing value and knowledge to their business.”

Professional Sales Representative, Kimberly-Clark

“It is hard to find programs that actually work and deliver on what they promised.  It is especially difficult in the “soft-skills” area where so much is dependent on the actual rep. This program makes that easier.”

Pablo Valcarcel, Associate Director, Customer Care – Americas, Lonza

“This investment in coaching, and the overall development of our people, has changed the culture of our call center. You can see it in the data and out on the floor every day in how we help customers.”

Jim LeMere Director, Northwestern Mutual

“What we hadn’t expected was the level of enthusiasm that would begin to permeate the call center well beyond the pilot group…the program has increased our center’s feedback culture, and has impacted our collaboration climate for the better. There is greater knowledge-sharing across the frontline and a greater sense of purpose in the work of serving the customer.”

Location Manager, Nuon

“We chose Challenger at a time when the industry is competitive, products are being commoditized, and buyers are looking to sellers for much more than product knowledge. Integrating it through Sales, Marketing, and Service helps us have a common understanding of how we approach our industry and has differentiated us. After our first full year with it, we’re even more excited for the future.”

Barry Swihart, Senior VP of Sales, Odysseyware

“What has stood out to us about Challenger, was the opportunity to learn and develop the skills at our chosen pace. This has been accomplished through the eLearning options for content that used to require 2 or 3 days in a classroom.  In addition, they’ve helped us pivot to virtual offerings of facilitator led sessions without any drop off in engagement or degradation of the learning experience.  The flexibility of the Challenger team to meet our team member needs and the needs of our business has been exceptional. “

Joe Berry, Chief Learning Officer, Pinnacol Assurance

“Challenger Selling has significantly contributed to our revenue streams from both new opportunities and additional business generated from existing customers. SAP’s global, unified rollout of Challenger to our sales organization and management was the key driver to delivering extensive customer impact.”

Rainer Stern, Global VP Sales Leadership Programs, SAP

“The Challenger Deal Accelerator was a truly engaging session that encouraged the team to look at their current pipeline from different angles with the Challenger approach. It was stimulating hard work, that challenged our thinking and led to some tough debates led by an expert Challenger Advisor. It was a key step in supporting our journey to continue sustaining and embedding Challenger skills within SICIT.”

Alessandro Paterniani, Chief Commercial Officer, SICIT

“The combination of virtual and onsite training has been helpful for our teams. The premises of Challenger training are critical components of any sales conversation.”

Head of Sales, Software Industry

“The Challenger approach has important foundations that exemplify how we at Standard Bank prioritise our clients and provide them with a value driven experience at every point.”

Standard Bank Representative

“Simply put, if you fully commit to the Challenger journey in both your sales and marketing strategy, you will see significantly improved sales performance.”

Gerry Romanelli, Chief Commercial Officer, Triose

“As a premium provider in our space, our service experience is a true opportunity to differentiate. We saw a 20% reduction in escalations, which means we are solving customer problems the first time around. In fact, our customer VOC reflects that our reps are proactively solving problems before they are a challenge for our customers.”

Randy Kobat, SVP Retail Solutions vAuto

“Watching our best & brightest embrace the techniques of Challenger to disrupt the Status Quo was rewarding as well as enlightening.”

Jennifer Caldarella, Managing Director, Willis Towers Watson

“The Challenger Sale speaks to the core of how we’re engaging with our clients. We want our sales force to deliver insight and value, not sales pitches. That’s why our entire organization is being trained on the skills and behaviors that make Challengers successful. “

Kevin Warren, President US Client Operations Xerox