Even with all the negotiation tactics out there, why do B2B sellers continue to make unnecessary concessions?

The truth is late-stage negotiation failure doesn’t just happen in the moment: It’s the result of insufficient value creation across the full sales process. Sellers feel pain in the moment, but the die have already been cast. Being well prepared is key. This requires sellers to:

  • Create and anchor on economic value
  • Engage customers from day one with true negotiables in mind
  • Understand how to defend a business case across a diverse set of stakeholders.

Most negotiations strategies weren’t developed with B2B sales in mind. This leaves commercial leaders scrambling to address a skill gap when they see it, but often treating symptoms and not the cause. Challenger is changing that.

The Challenger™ Negotiations program is purpose-built to give B2B sales professionals a full-funnel strategy for managing negotiations. Participants learn to create value through each stage of the sales process by leveraging proven Challenger™ Selling skills as part of their negotiation strategy (“Sizing the Pie”) , then capturing this value using frameworks built specifically for B2B selling (“Protecting the Pie”).

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Negotiations Resources

Winning the Challenger Sale Webinar Series

Our popular monthly webinar series, now in its second season, helps sellers win the day-to-day moments that matter. In our episode on “The Negotiation”, you’ll learn how Challengers shift from talking about the “cost of the problem” to the “value of the solution.”

Curveball Video Series

Negotiations can sometimes be tense…but they don’t have to be. Our Curveball video series highlights techniques that high-performing sellers use to ease the negotiation process. Based on our Negotiations course, you’ll get tips to deal with even the tensest moments.

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