Vacuum Technology

Leybold North America redefined the nature of its conversations, educating customers on processes and technologies that were costing them more money than previously thought.

Leybold is a global leader in the manufacturing of vacuum pumps, systems and solutions, serving a range of diverse applications in the Industrial, Food & Beverage and Research & Development markets with core capabilities focused on customer specific systems.
By changing the way in which they approach customer conversations, Leybold’s customer center in North America was able to drive process improvements in labs and manufacturing facilities by highlighting the under-appreciated risks created by over-focusing on cost and resisting the migration to new, innovative technologies.
As a result Leybold North America has not only increased revenue, but also turned their sales reps into ‘trusted technology advisors’.

Before Challenger

“Leybold offers a wide range of advanced vacuum solutions for use in manufacturing and analytical processes, as well as for research purposes. We have an extensive range of vacuum products.”

After Challenger

“Many are not aware that by focusing on reducing expenditure they are actually wasting millions of dollars in production costs by using outdated vacuum technology. Operating in this manner leads to systems having more downtime, increased inefficiencies and an overall lower performance. A simple ROI analysis is no longer the way to justify new investments.”

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