2020 has been a year like no other, with major impacts on our personal and professional lives - impacts that could very well change the fundamental ways in which sellers will do business in 2021 and beyond. 2020 was a year in which we were forced by circumstances to revise all of our assumptions about business in general, and selling in particular. In this 5 part series, our Senior Research Director, Timur Hicyilmaz, reviews shifts in perspectives and the impacts on buyers, sellers, and the business environment.

Part 1 – What Didn’t Happen in 2020

March set the stage for the rest of 2020, determining how buyers would act, and how sellers would need to respond. This video details how quickly perceptions shifted at the beginning of March, and highlights what this means going forward.

Part 2 – How Did Buyers Respond

How did 2020 impact buyers and purchasers? This review focuses on the changes to purchasing, objections, and even some challenges sellers may not face from buyers.

Part 3 – What Happened to Sellers

The changes to selling in 2020 have been profound – and rapid. This video covers the trends that impact sales professionals the most, focusing primarily on the changes in how we communicate, and close.

Part 4 – How to Be Compelling

The changes to buyers’ objections and sellers’ conversations means that it’s harder than ever to make an impact and close the deal. This video discusses some of the ways that sales reps can maintain or increase their effectiveness.

Part 5 – The Commercial Ecosystem

The commercial ecosystem has also shifted in 2020, and the technology stack and skill set needed to be effective has changed to match. This video shares what sellers can do to adjust at pace.

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