Without on-the-job reinforcement via coaching, sellers lose 87% of training just one month later.


Seller productivity impact when sales training is combined with coaching.


Average increase in sales team performance with ‘high effectiveness’ coaching (vs. low effectiveness)

Coaching is highly infectious whether good or bad.

Substandard coaching has both a negative financial impact and a devastating effect on seller retention and discretionary effort, while effective coaching provides a significant lift in seller performance, engagement and retention.  Managers tasked with coaching Challengers must be able to recognize the key behaviors – Teaching, Tailoring, Taking Control, and Building Constructive Tension – and coach the development of these new behaviors effectively.

Four Keys to Coaching Challenger


Provide frequent and continuous coaching support for sellers learning new Challenger Skills


Observe sellers delivering Challenger sales interactions in their current role.


Just as Challengers tailor messages to customers, managers must tailor coaching to the unique needs of the individual.

Root-Cause Oriented

Identify and correct or reinforce underlying causes of behavior.

The Double Jump

Managers faced with new roles and increased market complexity often struggle to develop the critical coaching skills required of today’s sales leaders.


Effective coaching is a two-way street. ‘Highly Coachable’ sellers are 2x more likely to be high performers than those with ‘low coachability’.

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