Transformation Made Easy

Challenger™ Activation is a technology platform that supports your full Challenger commercial strategy. Activation includes expert advice, interactive elearning, tools, and community events to scale and sustain the Challenger model in your organization.

Today's commercial teams require a blended approach to upskilling and purpose-built tools to enable their day-to-day workflows. Challenger™ Activation provides a nimble, scalable experience to embed and reinforce key Challenger seller behaviors across your entire organization.

Win the complex sale at scale.

We turned a decade of experience managing 1300+ client projects across 600 companies into an always-on platform that grows with your team.

Consult with a team of Challenger experts and advisors as they prescribe your path to sustainable transformation
Access the Challenger Portal, a comprehensive virtual learning curriculum and a robust set tools, templates and guides to drive awareness and adoption of the Challenger framework
Deploy a suite of on-demand diagnostics and assessments to measure effectiveness, track progress, and inform learning
Connect with a community of peer Challenger practitioners from a diverse range of companies to learn best practices and expand networks

Sales Transformation Made Easy

Challenger™ Activation is a platform that supports your full Challenger commercial strategy. It includes expert advice, interactive elearning, tools and community events to scale and sustain Challenger in your organization.

From individual capability to organizational strategy

Challenger™ Activation


The Challenger team of consultants and advisors is always available to guide you and your team. We prescribe pathways and give answers to pressing questions as they arise. 


Our on-demand suite of tools, frameworks and templates embed Challenger behaviors in your organization’s daily workflow. 


A robust eLearning library allows you to deliver a flexible, yet engaging, learning experience across your entire organization.


A library of coaching-specific virtual learning courses, tools, and exercises support managers in their critical role as Challenger coaches. 


Become part of the Challenger Connect community. Learn together with peers from other organizations in live and virtual events, and an invite-only online discussion forum. 


Diagnostics and assessments allow you to set baseline measurements, focus on the right metrics, and document success over time. 

“Simply put, if you fully commit to the Challenger journey in both your sales and marketing strategy, you will see significantly improved sales performance.”

Gerry Romanelli, Chief Commercial Officer, Triose

“We chose Challenger at a time when the industry is competitive, products are being commoditized, and buyers are looking to sellers for much more than product knowledge. Integrating it through Sales, Marketing, and Service helps us have a common understanding of how we approach our industry and has differentiated us. After our first full year with it, we’re even more excited for the future.”

Barry Swihart, Senior VP of Sales, Odysseyware

“The Challenger program has given us a way to provide even more focus in our commercial messaging and reduce the amount of projects where we have to negotiate on price alone. The program has allowed us to improve the capitalization on our R&D investment as we can better discuss our key differentiators.”

Gurdeep Sadera, Director of Sales Operations, Genetec

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Challenge Yourself + Virtual Classroom

Not all online learning is created equal. Challenger’s new virtual training programs are blended learning sequences that combine dynamic virtual content, deal-based exercises for real-world application, and virtual coaching with real, live, Challenger Advisors.


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