Today’s winning sales teams anticipate changes in buying behavior by placing the buyer’s perspective front and center. Challenger research has discovered that by understanding evolving buyer trends, sellers can become more adept and successful in the buying process.

Download the complete 2022 Buyer’s Study here.

Big Changes to Buying Behavior

Challenger updated our popular Buyer’s Study from 2020 to examine how buyer behavior has changed in the past two years. The main finding? We now exist in a buyer’s market. Sellers seeking to meet and exceed their goals need to recognize five key emerging trends, which Challenger explores further in our latest white paper titled, “Buying in 2022”: 

  1. Continued investment in purchasing technologies has strengthened purchasing’s hold on the organization.  
  2. The consumer buying process is grid-locked and can include a larger number of people.  
  3. Buyers actively prefer digital to in-person due diligence.  
  4. Supply chain disruptions continue. 
  5. The economic environment makes buyers wary. 

Alignment And Support for Customer Purchases

When it comes to new customer purchases, buyers still selectively look for perspective from sellers. Some buyers still value engagement: somebody who is sincerely looking to understand whether or not the offer will uniquely solve the customer’s buying problem. Delivering this perspective requires organizational alignment and support across the sales operation process. Challenger suggests taking the following three steps: 

  1. Sales organizations need to produce a steady stream of dynamic, digestible, and relevant content that sparks interest, anticipating and satisfying the buyer’s quest for information online.
  2. Professional consumer purchasing organizations means that sellers are often outmatched when it comes to more complex negotiations. Organizations need to provide sellers with plans that help them retain more of the initial value. 
  3. Every interaction matters. Sellers need to foster productive conversations with their managers about critical moments—where and how they get stuck—in the sales operation process. Fundamental sales training and workshops focused directly on buyer behavior and deal strategy can yields positive results.


To read the complete report, download the 2022 Buyer’s Study here

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