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We are currently in a moment of unprecedented social and economic complexity. The combination of a large-scale global pandemic and massive economic disruption has forced businesses to rethink how they do business. Challenger offers a comprehensive suite of ideas, perspectives, and resources to prepare front line sellers, managers and the broader commercial organization for the realities of the new selling environment.

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The Challenger blog has the latest in sales, marketing, and customer service insights and research to help you stay ahead of the crisis.

Learn How to be a Challenger in a Virtual Environment

Sales professionals must adapt their Challenger skillset to drive results when selling virtually. Join Ed Carr, a Challenger Advisor and former Chief Sales Officer, as he provides some tactical guidance for applying Challenger in this new environment

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Get what you need to prepare your sellers to win and thrive during times of crisis with our virtual sales training solution that combines best-in-class digital learning with interactive coaching.

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Our webinars and events connect you to Challenger team members that give you ideas to help you manage unpredictability and volatility in the current environment.

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A platform to support your Challenger commercial strategy. It includes expert advice, interactive elearning, tools and community events to scale and sustain Challenger in your organization.

From individual capability to organizational strategy

Challenger™ Activation

Eliminate the guesswork


The Challenger team of consultants and advisors is always available to guide you and your team. We prescribe pathways and give answers to pressing questions as they arise. 

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An on-demand suite of tools, frameworks and templates embed Challenger behaviors in your organization’s daily workflow. 

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Develop foundational skills


A robust eLearning library allows you to deliver a flexible, yet engaging, learning experience across your entire organization.  Bite-sized modules are ideal for busy teams on-the-go.

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Create a coaching culture


A library of coaching-specific virtual learning tools, and exercises support managers in their critical role as Challenger coaches. 

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Seek peer perspective


Become part of the Challenger Connect community. Learn together with peers from other organizations in live and virtual events, and an online discussion forum. 

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Move forward with confidence


Diagnostics and assessments enable you to set baseline measurements and track progress and success over time. 

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Challenger is built on a foundation of world class research and best-selling books.

Our training and consulting solutions, targeted at sales and marketing, and customer service professionals have provided performance improvements and significant financial results to hundreds of clients around the world.

Each program is supported by ongoing research and backed by our best-selling books The Challenger Sale, The Challenger Customer, and The Effortless Experience.

Expert Advisors. Proven Success.

Challenger and Effortless Experience Advisors bring practical experience and senior business leadership to every training.

Meet our Advisors
Tyrone Edwards

Former SVP of Sales, Merck

Marcelo Morichi

Principal, Watershed Associates, Inc

Ines Ochin

Former Global Sales School Learning Consultant, IBM EMEA

Casey Banta

Principal & Founder, Beyond Orange LLC


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7th Challenger Pulse Survey Results

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“Our sales force has embraced the Challenger Approach, which has enabled them to engage the customer in a Conversation Choreography comprised of Insight and thought leadership.  These impactful conversations have resulted in big wins around the globe.”

Michael Adley, Director, Global Sales Enablement, Ericsson

“The Challenger Deal Accelerator was a truly engaging session that encouraged the team to look at their current pipeline from different angles with the Challenger approach. It was stimulating hard work, that challenged our thinking and led to some tough debates led by an expert Challenger Advisor. It was a key step in supporting our journey to continue sustaining and embedding Challenger skills within SICIT.”

Alessandro Paterniani, Chief Commercial Officer, SICIT

“We went through virtual training with Challenger in March.  As a company that knows firsthand the common pitfalls of virtual demonstrations, we were thrilled with how our Challenger facilitator kept everybody engaged throughout the session.  Our team felt like we had just experienced the future of training in this virtual environment.

Tracey Gatland, Managing Director, GRAPHISOFT North America

“Watching our best & brightest embrace the techniques of Challenger to disrupt the Status Quo was rewarding as well as enlightening.”

Jennifer Caldarella, Managing Director, Willis Towers Watson

“This investment in coaching, and the overall development of our people, has changed the culture of our call center. You can see it in the data and out on the floor every day in how we help customers.”

Jim LeMere Director, Northwestern Mutual

“Challenger Selling has significantly contributed to our revenue streams from both new opportunities and additional business generated from existing customers. SAP’s global, unified rollout of Challenger to our sales organization and management was the key driver to delivering extensive customer impact.”

Rainer Stern, Global VP Sales Leadership Programs, SAP

“As a premium provider in our space, our service experience is a true opportunity to differentiate. We saw a 20% reduction in escalations, which means we are solving customer problems the first time around. In fact, our customer VOC reflects that our reps are proactively solving problems before they are a challenge for our customers.”

Randy Kobat, SVP Retail Solutions vAuto

“The Challenger Sale speaks to the core of how we’re engaging with our clients. We want our sales force to deliver insight and value, not sales pitches. That’s why our entire organization is being trained on the skills and behaviors that make Challengers successful. “

Kevin Warren, President US Client Operations Xerox

Are Your Customers Spending Too Much Effort Engaging With Service Reps?

Our portfolio of Effortless Experience™ solutions provides an answer to this burning customer service issue. We provide in-person classroom training, eLearning content, and certification for your service reps to deliver low-effort experiences.

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