Challenger Programs for Sales & Marketing, and Customer Service 

Challenger provides training and consulting for Sales & Marketing and Customer Service teams. Our commercial transformation programs, including message creation, skill development and implementation support, have provided performance improvements and significant financial results to hundreds of clients around the world.

Each program is supported by ongoing research and backed by our best-selling books The Challenger Sale, The Challenger Customer and The Effortless Experience.

Challenger Customer Experience Framework

Whether your role is to lead in Sales, Marketing or Customer Service, the framework on the Interactive Customer Experience Wheel highlights critical levers you can pull to transform your customer experience.

A Common Goal For An Uncommon Experience

Your Sales, Marketing and Service functions have one primary thing in common: your customer.

Develop a marketing strategy for today's buyer

Today's customers spend only 17% of the total buying journey talking directly to suppliers. Engage them with content that helps them learn on their own.

Train B2B marketing as a unique profession

As many as 70% of marketing professionals report having no formal marketing background. Train and develop them to take a customer-centric approach to their work.

Deliver a message that changes minds

Marketers currently capture, at best, 12% of a customer's mindshare across the buying journey. Use commercial insight to cut through the clutter and drive change.

Teach customers at every touchpoint

Customers tune out the majority of content marketing and demand generation activities. Weave commercial insight into all touchpoints of your marketing ecosystem.

Find and sustain what works

Only 33% of organizations are confident in the connection between their marketing activities and business metrics. Adopt a ruthless dedication to review and measurement.

Screen for the right raw material talent

Only 17% of candidates have today's optimal EQ/IQ for selling. Screen for hires with a proclivity to teach and challenge the status quo.

Develop new foundational selling skills

Sellers who don't perform powerful sales experiences won't engage today's customers. Embed in all sellers the foundational skills most likely to generate high performance.

Coach the change in seller behavior

When managers fail to coach, team performance suffers and transformations don't stick. Develop coaching skills and hold managers accountable for using them.

Bring your sales experience to the right people

Customers easiest to talk to may not be the best to sell to. Find the optimal stakeholder profile to best progress your opportunities.

Sustain new behaviors over time

New sales behaviors won't embed without dedicated practice, support and success sharing. Ensure that all levels in the sales organization play an ongoing/supportive role.

Sustain change over time

New customer service behaviors won't embed without practice, support and success sharing. Ensure that all levels in the service organization play an ongoing/supportive role.

Evaluate the behaviors that matter most

The era of checklist-based QA is over. Adopt behavior- and trends-based evaluations to measure performance.

Focus coaching conversations on behaviors

Poor coaching hurts performance nearly twice as much as good coaching helps. Coach in the moment and focus on behaviors that drive desired outcomes.

Develop core skills for low-effort service

Soft skills that focus on creating relationships do not reduce customer effort. Train on new-in-kind skills aligned to delivering a low-effort service experience.

Meet expectations of the modern customer

Service organizations overestimate the reward for exceeding customer expectations. Adopt a strategy focused instead on providing low-effort service.

What experience should your sellers provide?

84% of customers report a buying journey taking longer than expected, Deliver a sales experience that makes it easier to buy.

What content engages customers?

51% of customers tune out your content marketing efforts. Create content that gets their attention.

What keeps your customers loyal?

96% of customers who experience high-effort service will be disloyal. Focus on reducing the effort.

Powerful Insight, Less Effort

Sales, Marketing and Service must work together to bring commercial insight and reduce effort in the customer's buying and service journey.


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Challenger Grows the top line

Two-year Challenger Impact study showed an average ROI of 15X across over 5,000 front line sales, marketing, and customer service professionals. Specific client outcomes include:

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“Reduction in our sales cycle time”
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Changed The Culture Of Our Call Center
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Protecting our hands means protecting our people
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The Challenger Selling™ methodology has been a huge reason for our sales success in the past two years.

Ed Peper

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Insight creation is not easy, but once you find one and create one that is truly unique and take it to a becomes hugely impactful and very powerful to them.

Rich Cillessen

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