If the problem isn’t your product, your pitch, or your proposal…it’s probably the person you’re trying to sell. Find out how to stop wasting time with “Talkers” and how to identify the “Mobilizers” you need to move a deal forward.

The Right Buyers Move Deals Forward

With the rapid increase in both number and diversity of individuals involved in a typical purchase, it was no surprise to hear sellers complain of increased cost of sale, longer cycle times, stalled deals and smaller deal sizes. The solution is to turn stakeholders into Mobilizers – something that Challenger sellers are uniquely positioned to do.

Data: Effectiveness of Customer Stakeholder Profiles at Driving Organizational Action

Challenger sellers run a completely different playbook in this complex customer landscape – they identify and engage Mobilizers to help them build consensus.

The Challenger Approach

The Challenger Approach provides transformational training and development solutions that help you build a high-performing sales team that has the right skills to use the right message with the right buyers. Our Skills training focuses on:

Pipeline Acceleration

We’ll help teams of sellers and managers roll up their sleeves and apply Challenger skills to specific deals in order to “unstick” them.

Complex Deal Management

Sellers identify the stakeholders who are most likely to drive change in a buying group.

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The difference between a hard loss and a big win can be the kind of customer you’re having conversations with. Download our 1-page whitepaper to learn how Challengers partner with a key customer stakeholder, known as a Mobilizer, to champion the insight, build consensus, and move deals forward.