Revenue: £422
Employees: 109

Client Challenge

Ascent sought to disrupt the market and grow its share in a crowded market. Most competing wealth management firms leveraged similar sales messages focused on company history and product offerings.

To disrupt and grow in such a competitive market, Ascent identified two key objectives:

1. Differentiation: Ascent wanted to differentiate by teaching clients about issues that should be key priorities but are often missed or overlooked.
2. Client urgency: Ascent’s client executives faced an uphill battle showing prospects the cost of maintaining the status quo. Therefore, the sense of urgency was lost in conversations.


Ascent’s president saw Challenger as the perfect tool to help disrupt a commoditized and niche industry. The group launched Challenger to build focused messages for three key client segments and enable 12 commercial leaders and 65 client executives with Challenger skills.


Ascent reframed its offering, shifting the sales conversation from product-focused to insight-focused. It explained to clients how a majority of wealth transfers fail due to underlying trust and communication issues.

Using this new approach, Ascent achieved greater differentiation and immediate results, including closing a $25 million piece of business just days after the training.


 “Using the Challenger approach feels much less like selling and more like consulting, which was a first for a lot of us who have sold in a ‘traditional’ manner for much of our careers. We are looking forward to more Challenger successes in the future.”

Michael Cole, President, Ascent Private Capital Management

Before Challenger

  • Ascent Private Capital Management advisors address both the quantitative and qualitative dimensions of multi-generational wealth with a fully integrated and balanced program designed to help benefit your family now and for generations to come.

After Challenger

  • Many families do not realize that the way they communicate around wealth impedes their ability to successfully preserve, manage, and leverage wealth over generations. In fact, according to one study, over 2/3 of wealth transfers over generations fail. Without addressing the underlying trust and communication issues that are present in all families, you might be leaving your fortune and family vulnerable to risk.