Revenue: $14M
Employees: <100

Client Challenge

Odysseyware faced commoditization in an increasingly competitive e-learning content space. The company lacked a differentiating commercial message and spoke mostly about the features and benefits of its e-learning content, not teaching schools about the importance of consistent learning curricula Sales leadership needed to align a fragmented sales organization around a common experience that provided value to an increasingly sophisticated buyer of e-learning.


Odysseyware partnered with Challenger to support sales and leadership, develop commercial insights, and upskill sellers to provide a new commercial experience. A core team of Sales, Marketing, and Product leaders joined together to create new commercial messages using Challenger Activation’s Insight Design process. These messages were presented to the organization as part of a full-day Challenger onsite training and as part of keynote presentations and breakout sessions at the company’s national sales meeting. The entire salesforce completed Challenger’s e-learning curriculum, reinforcing key concepts introduced at the onsite meetings
Upon completion of the e-learning curriculum, Odysseyware deployed the Challenger sustainment plan to support sellers in embedding the newly learned behaviors

Results: Challenger lifts seller performance, engagement and access.

  • 12 months after Challenger launched, Odysseyware sales increased by more than 10%
  • 79% of sellers reported that Challenger helped them prepare more thoroughly for their sales interactions
  • 74% of sellers reported that Challenger allowed them to have more meaningful sales conversations
  • 84% of sellers would recommend Challenger to their peers


“We chose Challenger at a time when the industry is competitive, products are being commoditized, and buyers are looking to sellers for much more than product knowledge. Integrating it through Sales, Marketing, and Service helps us have a common understanding of how we approach our industry and has differentiated us. After our first full year with it, we’re even more excited for the future.” – Barry Swihart Senior Vice President of Sales

Before Challenger

  • “Our digital content offerings are easier for teachers to use than traditional curriculum”

After Challenger

  • “I’d like to discuss how your student graduation rates are impacted by inconsistent curricula used in your district”