Revenue: NA
Employees: <100

Client Challenge

There are many digital marketing agencies out there, and utility companies have not historically been deeply concerned with the quality of their marketing to captive consumers. As a result, Questline - a marketing agency focused on serving utilities - found itself dealing with significant competition and stalled opportunities. This was particularly true as they pursued mid to large market municipal utilities. With so many agencies to choose from, how could Questline differentiate its messaging in the marketplace and get utility customers to pay attention? This question brought them to Challenger. As partners, Questline and Challenger transformed the company's sales and commercial messaging approach. It began with sales and marketing alignment for manager and seller. This approach is designed to introduce and reinforce Challenger's insight-led behaviors throughout the processes from first touch to closed won. This happened in conjunction with sales and marketing teams aligning to develop the foundation for an evolving commercial insight library.


These unique Commercial insights gave sellers the ability to better target and engage utility customers, filling up the front of funnel opportunities. But Questline also developed a more stable and scalable sales process, centered on teaching utility companies the importance of creating a proactive and diverse digital relationship with their consumer customers. This disruptive message created constructive tension and gave utilities an urgent reason to act.


Since the initial deployment of Challenger, Questline has experienced a significant lift in many essential commercial metrics, prompting further investment in the program across the entire commercial organization year over year.

  • 11x return on Challenger investment
  • 70% of participants indicated the Challenger program helped them prepare more thoroughly for sales interactions
  • 80% of sellers are actively using Challenger skills with their current accounts and customers


Challenger has helped with better research and preparation before engaging with a prospect. By doing that prep work, and applying the Challenger approach, I can now better assess if the people I am engaging with can make decisions needed to move forward in the sales process. The value of a good refreame has become evident.” Director of Business Development

“Significant time must be spent upfront when aiming cold outreach at mid to large utility companies. This is a market segment [Questline]has not had much success with historically because we haven’t focused on it. We now have the tools and strategy to do so.” Director of Account Development

“I am starting to apply to the Times of Use Opportunity and am very pleased with learnings from Challenger and learning more about how to reframe in a way that resonates with my clients.” – Questline Account Supervisor

“I have used the Tailoring and Commercial Insight skills to improve my annual reviews and other client strategy meetings.” – Questline Account Supervisor

Before Challenger

  • No clear sales messaging to differentiate the company
  • Intense competition from other agencies
  • Stalled, long cycle opportunities sitting in the pipeline
  • Difficulty penetrating mid to large sized municipal utilities

After Challenger

  • 80% of sellers actively using the new Challenger skillset
  • A library of dynamic commercial insights
  • Total of closed opportunities attributed to Challenger Skills: $422,305
  • 45% of opportunities brought to the program have closed or progressed