Implementing the Challenger Approach requires sellers to use our core principles in the right way and in the right moments. To accomplish this, Challenger has developed an organizing framework, known by the acronym TEMPO, that guides individuals when applying Challenger to the various stages in their sales process.


What is TEMPO?

TEMPO is a purpose-built framework to help sales and other customer-facing professionals navigate complex opportunities through their sales process using the Challenger approach.


Find the right customers, prioritize, and prepare


Reach out and create demand


Define the buying process and gain alignment


Finalize the terms and close the opportunity


Implement, service, and grow the account

Take Your Skills to the Next Level

Take your Challenger skills to the next level with our advanced learning options: Level Up Workshops. Instructor-led, small-group working sessions designed to help sellers identify and execute in the moments that matter across the sales cycle.​

Aligned to our TEMPO framework, your sellers will put their skills into action as they prepare for real-life situations using foundational Challenger principles.

Available Workshops


Learn how to use research and industry trends to help you understand your buyers' needs and prepare for real-life situations.


Learn how to capture attention with cold outreach and get buyers take a meeting.

Learn how to prepare powerful questions and requests that you can use in upcoming discovery calls.


Business Case Building
Learn to identify and demonstrate the cost or risk of your buyers' unresolved business issue.

Group Meeting Facilitation
Learn how to facilitate your next group sales meeting and reach consensus.

Are you ready to learn, sustain, and apply the Challenger approach with proven sales training and development? View our Sales Training Programs here.