Challenger Loop

 Transform your win/loss analysis

Challenger Loop is a win/loss analysis tool that incorporates candid customer feedback throughout the purchase experience to understand, from the customer’s perspective, why deals are won or lost. Loop reinvents the sales experience by putting the customer voice at the intersection of manager and salesperson feedback.  By surfacing previously unmined data, Loop drives more authentic and curated coaching, leading to better sales outcomes.


Why Loop?

Most companies aren’t doing win/loss analysis, and those that are use biased data based on seller feedback. By using this approach companies risk making incorrect and expensive decisions about strategy and coaching. By giving your sellers real-time, curated feedback based on customer perspectives, you’re increasing your ability to win in the moments that matter. Plus, Loop is:

  • The only customer feedback tool offering both real-time, win/loss analysis and post-close B2B customer feedback to provide a 360° perspective on the quality of the experience.
  • Built in partnership with Medallia, the market leader in customer experience feedback surveys featuring best-in-class natural language processing (NLP) and AI
  • Based on evaluation criteria built on continuous Challenger research into B2B buyer behavior and seller performance.


Loop’s Differentiators


Access the overall satisfaction dashboard to quickly identify your team’s overall performance over time.


Leverage sentiment analysis to find out what your customers are thinking at every step of the sales process.


Apply our advanced text analytics to determine the impact of topics on overall buyer satisfaction.


Measure B2B buyer experience and seller skills to identify coaching opportunities and elevate the skills of your sales organization.


Assess your competitive landscape by using our competitive intelligence tracking tool.


Flag and address churn risks using Loop’s confidence metric, which identifies low purchase confidence when you win a sale.


Analyze buyer experience and seller skills across Challenger’s performance metrics to identify coaching opportunities.


Maximize your win rate with our real-time feedback dashboard to adjust strategy before deals are lost.


What is win/loss analysis?

In its simplest terms, win/loss analysis is the process of determining why your deals were won or lost. Most organizations currently use a blend of various tools, manager observation, win/loss analysis templates, and strategies to come to a conclusion.

Unfortunately, most of these insights come from the sales team itself, meaning they’re one-sided and biased. By leaving out customer feedback, they could be doing more harm than good.

What is Loop?

Challenger Loop is a B2b sales win/loss tool that incorporates candid customer feedback throughout the buying experience to understand why deals are won or lost.

Read the statement from Challenger CEO Andee Harris on why we launched Loop.

What does Loop measure?

Loop measures sales experience, seller skills, and competitive positioning using proprietary Challenger elements.

What kind of customer is a good fit for Loop?

Anyone with an event-based sales that uses a CRM system is a good fit for Loop. The surveys that power Loop are industry-agnostic, and Loop generates meaningful insights for organizations of any size.

Why is this different than a typical survey tool?

Most traditional win/loss analysis tools only ask for feedback after deals are closed, when incentive to respond is low and the sales experience can’t be changed. Loop asks for live -deal feedback in addition to closed deal feedback to provide insights before it is too late to intervene, maximizing the opportunity to alter behavior and win the sale.

Additionally, Loop does more than just identify problems, it prescribes solutions. Loop’s proprietary survey questions tie directly to key Challenger principles, making it easy to identify gaps in selling skills and take action to improve the quality of your sales team overall.

How were the survey questions designed?

The survey questions are based on the customer study that founded the Challenger model. All survey questions have been extensively tested and researched and are included to specifically gauge customer sentiment across key Challenger principles.

Can I use Loop alongside CSAT/NPS score?

Yes. CSAT scores measure customer satisfaction, while Loop measures the sales experience and seller skills. This means that Loop and CSAT surveys can live alongside and complement one another.

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