Winning the Challenger Sale
Webinar Series


Challenger invites sales professionals and commercial leaders to join us Thursdays at 11 AM ET as we open up the Challenger™ playbook. More than just a webinar series, participants get practical advice and actionable insight for the day-to-day execution of the skills and behaviors proven to win in complex selling and buying environments.

We will be kicking off the 2021 series on Thursday, March 4th and it will run through December. Be sure to register for the new series to add the sessions to your calendar. See you there!

Monthly Webinar
11:00 - 11:30 AM ET

What Attendees Are Saying

“This series is truly masterful.”

Executive Coach, PR Firm

“This was the TIGHTEST webinar I have attended in a year of webinars. From a content, marketing and production perspective, the Challenger team is clearly running a tight ship with all the boxes checked.”

Business Development & Marketing Professional, Legal Services Company

“This series makes the intangible tangible.”

B2B Sales Thought Leader

“The topics in this series are excellent.”

Sales Director, Multi-billion dollar IT & Services Company

“These sessions are excellent for learning tactical ways to implement the Challenger philosophy. The Negotiation session was extremely helpful.”

Chief Learning Officer, Insurance Company

The Negotiation

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Am I speaking Procurement’s language? Learn how Challengers shift from talking about the ‘cost of the problem’ to the ‘value of the solution.'

The Introduction

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Want to build instant credibility with a customer or prospect? Learn how to demonstrate Challenger skills in the first interaction with a customer.

The Discovery Call

May 6
How do I prevent ‘Discovery’ from turning into a game of ‘20 Questions’? Join us to learn how Challengers ask high-gain questions and add value during Discovery.

The "Teaching" Opportunity

June 3
Have I earned the right to ‘teach’ my customer yet? Join us to learn how Challengers leverage credibility building and effective questioning to then introduce the right insight, at the right time.

The Territory Plan

July 8
How should I prioritize my pursuits and protect my limited time? Join us to learn how Challengers prioritize their pursuits, whether halfway through the year or beginning with a completely new territory.

The Value Demo

August 5
Your customer asks you to demonstrate the value of your solution to her boss…what do you do now? Join us to learn how Challengers articulate the value of their solutions.

The Cross-Sell

September 2
When (and how) should I position additional products and services to a current customer? Join us to learn how Challengers use ‘Commercial Teaching’ to grow accounts through cross-sell and upsell.

The Objection

October 7
How do I respond to that tough customer objection? Join us to learn how Challengers react to the curveballs customers sometimes throw their way.

The "Blocker"

November 4
How do I deal with a stakeholder who is blocking deal progress? Join us to learn how Challengers ‘neutralize’ Blockers and drive consensus in buying groups.

The 11th Hour Request

December 2
In the final stages of closing a deal, how can I prepare for 11th hour requests? Join us to learn how Challengers handle last minute surprises on the way to closing a deal.

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