Winning the Challenger Sale

Winning the moments that matter begins here.

Challenger invites sales professionals and commercial leaders to join us Thursdays at 11 AM ET as we open up the Challenger™ playbook. More than just a webinar series, participants get practical advice and actionable insight for the day-to-day execution of the skills and behaviors proven to win in complex selling and buying environments.


Upcoming Sessions in 2022


Monthly Webinar Thursdays
11:00 - 11:30 AM ET

2022 Year in Review

December 8 A look back at all of the tactical insights from across the year and an opportunity to get your ‘final mile’ questions answered.

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Bonus Series

A Conversation with Matt Dixon


Matt Dixon, co-author of "The Challenger Sale", discusses modern sales pain points & tactics/techniques to overcome them.

A Conversation with Geoff Hendricks


Challenger's Geoff Hendricks shares advice on making the mid-career transition into sales and the skills that have helped him succeed.

A Conversation with Belal Batrawy


Belal Betrawy, SaaS Startup Advisor and creator of #DeathToFluff, shares practical tips sales reps can use to overcome barriers to success.

A Conversation with Andy Champion


Andy Champion, VP & GM of Highspot EMEA, discusses 3 key steps to helping your sellers win in a complex selling environment.

A Conversation with Kate Kesby


Kate Kesby, Executive Coach and Founder of WYDA, shares advice on how sales leaders can help their teams with business acumen.

What Attendees Are Saying

“This series is truly masterful.”

Executive Coach, PR Firm

“This was the TIGHTEST webinar I have attended in a year of webinars. From a content, marketing and production perspective, the Challenger team is clearly running a tight ship with all the boxes checked.”

Business Development & Marketing Professional, Legal Services Company

“This series makes the intangible tangible.”

B2B Sales Thought Leader

“The topics in this series are excellent.”

Sales Director, Multi-billion dollar IT & Services Company

“These sessions are excellent for learning tactical ways to implement the Challenger philosophy. The Negotiation session was extremely helpful.”

Chief Learning Officer, Insurance Company