Our commercial strategies, backed by human proof, transform the way sales, marketing, and customer service organizations see the world. Every day, we help sellers, marketers, and customer service reps win the moments that matter.

Our culture of innovation, collaboration and integrity has been with us since the very beginning. As a united team, we strive to bring new ideas to the table and challenge the status quo…all while having fun!

Living our Values

At Challenger, we are committed to living our values in every moment. Challenger’s mission statement: “We help sellers win the moments that matter, every day.” coupled with our values “authentic collaboration,” “bold thinking,” “lifelong learning,” and “uncompromised quality” are what drive us. We worked together as a team to establish our mission and values, and now we work together to carry out that impact with our colleagues and clients every day.

Authentic Collaboration

We trust in our collective potential. We invite every voice and operate as one team. We are committed to promoting transparency.

Bold Thinking

We see possibilities everywhere. We welcome the hard work of exploration. We lean into change and embrace ideas that spark growth.

Lifelong Learning

With humility and respect, we listen, advise and challenge. We are students of our past in order to be leaders of our future. Open minds keep us agile.

Uncompromised Quality

We believe that if something is worth doing, it’s worth doing right. Our unwavering commitment to our colleagues and our clients means we deliver work.

Stronger Together

It might sound cliche, but Challenger is a truly team and our connections extend beyond our professional lives! Even during the pandemic, our colleagues pulled together to ensure that the isolation and separation that sometimes with remote working never impacted our daily moments. Check out this retrospective video of the Year that Was to get a sense of how we made it through…together.

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