For a successful Quality Assurance transformation to work, organizations must use a competency-based QA model that is designed to evolve with the broader customer experience. It’s time to modernize your Quality Program and align it with what your customers expect, and what your reps can feel empowered to deliver.

Evolve Your Quality Assurance

Most QA functions were initially built on a foundation of compliance and accuracy, not customer-defined quality. Subsequently 88% of service leaders say their current QA processes are ineffective and rarely match up to the customer view of quality. Rather than a rote scorecard, your goal should be a quality program that matches your customers’ subjective view of their experiences, and works to develop the skillset of your reps rather than merely audit them.

Check the Box QA

Regimented performance criteria, Internally defined success, Isolated call evaluations



Customer-Determined QA

Adaptable quality framework, Direct customer input, Trend-based call evaluations

QA Made Easy


By partnering with Challenger’s Effortless Experience™ team to modernize your QA function, you will receive expert facilitation, out-of-the-box resources, and research-driven consulting support to help your organization implement a flexible, competency-based framework aligned with your unique talent development and customer needs.

Determine Core QA Competencies

Evaluate behaviors that define the type of service you want your reps delivering in every service interaction

Implement Trends-Based Calibration Process

Focus on trending development opportunities rather than one-off mistakes

Train QA Team and Supervisors

Calibrate together so all teams are evaluating similarly

Integrate New QA Outputs with Existing Coaching Mechanisms

Supervisors and QA should work together seamlessly to further rep development

Establish New QA Career Pathing

Consider our suggested responsibilities and competencies across various levels within QA

Assess Ongoing Organizational Impact

QA can and should give leadership a pulse on aggregated rep performance

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