The standardized service delivery of yesterday no longer applies. Today’s customers expect tailored service with minimal effort on their part, which requires contact center representatives to exercise more judgment than ever before.

In this service environment, the strongest driver of contact center  representative performance is effective coaching from their supervisor. Good coaching is critical – it is the top driver of rep performance, and one of the top drivers of rep retention. Bad coaching, on the other hand, can actually degrade performance nearly twice as much as good coaching helps. Moreover, today only 21% of supervisors are effective at coaching.

This statistic is worrisome because coaching is the top driver of rep performance.

Drive Performance with Better Coaching

 Our research shows that coaching is the best driver of frontline rep performance — doing this well will result in higher performance gains relative to best practices in retention, recruiting, and even training.

 Enhance individual rep performance


 Improve staff retention and engagement


 Create a low-effort customer experience


Organizations that over-emphasize training see lower levels of performance. Training is not inherently bad but should be applied carefully. New product launches and initial onboarding are good training topics, whereas ongoing product knowledge or soft skills are poor training topics.



Our research shows that the best approach to employee development uses a coaching framework that includes both scheduled coaching and integrated coaching (which is done in-the-moment). Using this focused approach helps the coachee avoid feeling overwhelmed  and helps them to fine tune their performance over time. Download our whitepaper, The Coaching Imperative, to learn more.

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