53% of customer loyalty depends on delivering an insight-led sales experience – which impacts loyalty even more than brand, price, service, or even the product COMBINED. To get this experience right, sellers must be able to do three things: Deliver the right message, have the right skills and sell to the right customers.


What Makes a High-Performing

Our groundbreaking book The Challenger Sale showed that there are primarily five B2B seller profiles. While each profile has their own particular strengths and advantages, one profile is more common among high performers: The Challenger.

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This self-motivated seller doesn't give up easily, and is always willing to go for results


This team player invest their efforts in building strong customer relationships


This detail-oriented seller focuses on identifying and then solving problems


Extremely confident, this self-assured seller follows their own instincts to a fault


Willing to upend the status quo, a Challenger seller understands the customer’s business and leads with insight

The advantage of being a Challenger seller is clear: Challenger sellers are 4.7 times more likely to be high-performers and that more than 50% of all star performers fit the Challenger profile during complex sales.

What is a Challenger?

What exactly makes someone a Challenger? They have a different view of the world and profound understanding of their customer’s needs. Challenger sellers love exploring new ideas and using constructive tension to motivate the customer to think differently about their business. Their conversations lead with commercial insight and lead to, not with, the solution they’re selling.

They have the right skills to deliver the right message to the right customers, and they win the moments that matter by maintaining an environment of constructive tension across the sale. The Challenger Approach helps you transform your sales organization into a team of high-performing Challenger sellers, unafraid to upend customer assumptions, disrupt their thinking, and teach them something new.

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Win the Moments That Matter

Now, more than ever, sales teams need to have every advantage to win over buyers. It’s about applying the right skills, using the right tools, and taking the right actions. Our training solutions ensure that your sellers approach each sales conversation with the right tools, every time.


To engage customers and create demand, you must change the way customers define their needs by teaching them how to think about their business differently. It’s known as Commercial Teaching and it’s central to the Challenger Approach.


In today’s environment, spending time building social relationships doesn’t help get deals done. Challenger sellers have the skills to close complex deals because they deliver unique insights that provide real value.


If the problem isn’t your product, your pitch, or your proposal…it’s probably the person you’re trying to sell. Find out how to stop wasting time with “Talkers” and how to identify the “Mobilizers” you need to move a deal forward.


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