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WTCS S3 | E11 2022 Year in Review

In this Episode 11, 2022 Year in Review, our new host, Andee Harris, CEO of Challenger recaps all of the top themes that disrupted the status quo of…


WTCS S3 | E10 Preparing for Negotiations

In this Episode 10, Preparing for Negotiations, Jen Allen welcomes SVP of Sales at Challenger, Adam Maude to discuss the ways in which sellers can…


Winning the Challenger Sale: Season 3 Replay

Catch up on all of the episodes of Season 3, Winning the Challenger sale webinar series.


WTCS S3 | E9 Creating a Mutual Close Plan

In this Episode 9, Creating a Mutual Close Plan, our host and Chief Evangelist Jen Allen welcomes Dan Flood and Alex Schrager, two of Challenger's…


WTCS S3 | E8 Driving Urgency for Change

In this Episode 8, Driving Urgency for Change, our host and Chief Evangelist Jen Allen welcomes Matt Dixon, co-author of The Challenger Sale. They…


WTCS S3 | E6 Turning Interest into Advocacy

In Episode 6, Turning Interest into Advocacy, our host and Chief Evangelist Jen Allen starts by outlining a very familiar scenario to the audience:…


WTCS S3 | E7 Resolving Buying Group Conflict

In Episode 7, Resolving Buying Group Conflict, our host and Chief Evangelist Jen Allen speaks to a core topic that Challenger has been researching…


WTCS S3 | E4 Opportunity Prioritization

In Episode 4, Opportunity Prioritization, our host and Chief Evangelist Jen Allen focuses on sellers' overreliance on traditional measures for…


On-Demand Webinar: Essentials for the 2023 Effortless Experience

How do we arm reps with the skills they need to provide an effortless experience? Matt Dixon, author of “The Effortless Experience” and Amy Smith, VP…


On-Demand Webinar: How to Optimize QA Outputs for an Effortless Experience

Quality Assurance, invented to catch flaws and errors in manufacturing, has become a process that can weigh down a business and impede an effortless…


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