Available on the Challenger™ Activation Portal is an on-demand suite of tools, templates, and job aids built to support organizations as they embed and sustain the Challenger approach.

Managers and leaders will have access to the resources they need to effectively reinforce and coach Challenger behaviors, while seller teams leverage opportunity management and account planning tools to apply them in daily workflows.

Enable Teams
Purpose-built to support your critical priorities

Tools & resources are organized across the 6 Pillars of Challenger Transformation, ensuring everyone follows the same blueprint for long-term success.

Communication Plans
Insight Guides
Insight Designer Resources
Course Resources
Application Guides
Coaching Tools
Stakeholder Identification and Management Tools
Action Plans
Coaching Guides
Interview Guides
Competency Models
On-Boarding Guides
Metrics Guides
Success Story Templates
Impact Measurement Tools

Insight Designer Tool

Only available through Challenger Activation, the Insight Designer uses collaborative software to allow your teams to follow a proven step-by-step process for building effective Commercial Insights