Revenue: $100M
Employees: 900

Client Challenge

An AI venture-backed enterprise that gained "unicorn" status launched a next-generation product that supplies companies with unprecedented ease and access to high-impact data. As businesses clamored to become clients, the company struggled to scale its message, standardize processes across an uneven salesforce and effectively position its market-creating solution. With an IPO on the horizon, the company knew it needed Challenger to sharpen message delivery and capture growth.


Through research and outreach, Challenger quickly alighted on a galvanizing advantage the company had under-appreciated: its influential role as a market creator. To capitalize on this differentiation, Challenger steered the company to: (1) Execute compelling messaging around its unique position in the marketplace (2) Elevate sales conversations to engage in a fuller dialogue with higher-level decision makers.


The company shifted from a product-oriented sales approach to a unique position strategy to keep the customer top-of-mind. This primed sales teams to harness the Challenger approach and drive a full transformation solution.

Sales refresh in 3 steps

Challenger created and led skills-building workshops and launched a library of insights and messaging for sales reps to easily access and apply.

With guidance from Challenger, sales reps engaged with higher-level executives and reinforced the company’s trailblazing solution in a new space.

Accountability measures introduced by Challenger propelled managers to scale and support sales teams and standardize onboarding.

Winning Sales Teams Now

  • Leverage market-creator status
  • Codify sales practices throughout the company
  • Up-skill sales, marketing and management units
  • Gain and keep executive buyers’ attention

Launched to Success

Challenger steers sellers to identify and communicate a unique position to the right stakeholders at the right time in the sales process.