Revenue: $40B
Employees: 135K

Client Challenge

A multinational technology giant specializing in Internet-based products and services launched a suite of cloud-based subscription applications to meet enterprise businesses' growing communication, collaboration and storage needs. As the company strove to expand beyond its core competencies, it faced resistance and distrust from skeptical prospects and misaligned sales and marketing teams that lacked an accurate understanding of the customer journey. The company engaged Challenger to win more deals in a non-core yet increasingly high-potential business vertical.


Challenger conducted focus groups to drill down weaknesses and design a more effective sales strategy and process.Through analysis, Challenger discovered three primary issues impeding growth: (1) Teams utilizing outdated selling practices and messaging for new services (2) A misguided understanding of customer needs and (3) An inability to perceive certain partners as competitors and proceed tactically.


Challenger created more accurate buyer personas and integrated the efforts of its sales and marketing teams. These straightforward adjustments led to increased scheduling conversations and a shortening of the sales cycle.

Sales refresh in 3 steps

Challenger partnered with the company to design new buyer personas and construct solutions-based messaging for high-level decisions makers.

Leading two-day intensive workshops, Challenger trained internal teams to engage key stakeholders and execute complex, enterprise deals.

By incorporating Challenger methodology, sales and marketing teams learned to share data and insight and follow refreshed choreography.

Winning Sales Teams Now

  • Know the customer journey
  • Simplify the presentation of complex solutions
  • Build trust and effective on-ramps for customers
  • Counter competitive partners

Launched to Success

Challenger drives companies to narrow the scope and focus on engaging key decision makers.