Revenue: $100M
Employees: 900

Client Challenge

A leading identity and security management company launched pioneering SaaS-based products in an increasingly fragmented space. With intense competition from long-term contractors, the company needed a differentiated sales strategy and fresh approach to close deals faster and gain market share. Seeking a streamlined solution, the company integrated Challenger methodology deep into its culture and business practices. Internal stakeholders embraced Challenger and the company saw a significant increase in customer acquisition.


In advisory-level discussions, Challenger examined the company’s sales strategy and reviewed its overall messaging.Challenger discovered three main issues impeding the company's growth: (1) An over-complicated sales cycle (2) Narratives centered around an outdated feature-benefit model, along with unnecessary discounts (3) Siloed business units.


By adopting the Challenger approach at all levels, teams across the company drove change and transformed organizational practices. As a result, the company saw up to an 80% improvement in its closings of complex deals.

Sales refresh in 3 steps

With a focus on sales and marketing, Challenger revamped messaging and increased alignment between multiple business units.

Challenger simplified and optimized the company’s sales cycle and identified internal “Challengers” to champion a more effective way of selling.

Partnering with stakeholders, Challenger created playbooks and anchored the new approach in teams throughout the organization.

Winning Sales Teams Now

  • Teach, tailor and take control
  • Reframe thinking and leverage constructive tension
  • Anchor a new approach throughout the company
  • Strengthen the business case

Launched to Success

With Challenger, companies gain the customers' attention in ways competitors don’t and guide them to seek a unique solution.