Revenue: $1B
Employees: 7,000

Client Challenge

A market leader of essential building materials created easy-to-integrate SaaS offerings to drive growth beyond its core product. Despite vigorous market testing, the company struggled to get distributor representatives and end-users to purchase the new catalog of subscription-based services. When growth stalled, the company turned to Challenger for a strategy that emphasized the undesirable costs of the status quo and propelled adoption of new technology to increase sales.


Examining sales data and dashboards, Challenger quickly pinpointed specific ways company representatives and distributors failed to drive customers to new offerings.

Issues to overcome included: (1) Customers’ inability to see urgency and value in the SaaS technology and view it as a solution and (2) Sellers who featured products rather than the pain those products eliminated.


Challenger provided bold commercial insight and trained teams to reframe the sales conversation and refocus its value proposition. In three months, sellers consistently delivered Challenger-driven conversations and performed significantly better in achieving new product targets.

Sales refresh in 3 steps

Challenger identified teams in need of tailored training: (1) those engaging with dealer representatives and (2) groups interacting with end-users.

Challenger coached groups to reframe sales conversations and integrate revitalized messaging. Teams prepared sales scenarios and well-scripted responses.

To ensure the adoption of Challenger-inspired skills and messaging, teams reconvened for deal accelerators that reinforced new behaviors.

Winning Sales Teams Now

  • Overcome risk aversion and create urgency
  • Reframe the value proposition
  • Emphasize pain eliminated 
  • Encourage adoption of new SaaS-based technology

Launched to Success

Challenger-trained sales reps improve outcomes by incorporating constructive tension to successfully expand the customer’s way of thinking.