Revenue: $2B
Employees: 10K

Client Challenge

A large healthcare testing company faced a daunting 70% plunge in Year-Over-Year bookings due to pandemic-related disruptions. A transformed market and new normal had emerged in this highly competitive space. To reverse the decline, Challenger elevated the company's sales narrative and guided teams to emphasize outcomes. In short order, the company bounced back and exceeded its annual sales target, without introducing any new products.


Challenger took a deep dive into the company’s sales processes and determined it had failed to differentiate its products and reinforce the negative impact of staying with current suppliers.
The company faced two overarching sales issues: (1) Messaging lacked compelling reasons for customers to change their buying behaviors (2) Sellers needed tools and skills to establish differentiation and the under-appreciated costs of inaction.


Challenger adjusted the company’s sales narrative to stress the problems caused by the status quo rather than simply the benefits of its products. By transforming how the company sells rather than what it sells, profits rebounded within a year.

Sales refresh in 3 steps

Challenger de-siloed the company’s sales and marketing departments to create unified messaging. Shifting from products, Challenger coached teams to underscore outcomes.

Challenger constructed a plan for sellers to engage at higher organizational call points and provided tools for more successful interactions between stakeholders and decision-making committees.

Challenger trained sellers to deliver conversations that amplified the costs of the status quo and ran deal accelerators to reinforce Challenger-driven behaviors.

Winning Sales Teams Now

  • Create compelling narratives and shift the dialogue
  • Identify key differentiators and unseen cost drivers
  • Draw attention to outcomes
  • Seize market share from competitors

Launched to Success

With Challenger, the only thing that changes is HOW a company sells, not WHAT it sells.