Revenue: $11B
Employees: 27K

Client Challenge

A beverage conglomerate sought to increase its presence on store shelves throughout the United States. Despite introducing new flavors, the company's efforts stalled as sellers struggled to engage store managers for more shelf space and product visibility.
Using Challenger methodology, the company reframed the buying proposition and guided sales representatives to approach conversations with store managers as partners, not vendors.


Analyzing purchasing trends and analytics, Challenger discovered the company’s one-size-fits-all sales approach needed to change. The main issues to tackle included: (1) Moving sellers from acting simply as order-takers to partners in the buying process (2) Adopting strategies to garner longer conversations with sales managers and (3) Connecting to stores' higher-level stakeholders.


Challenger trained teams to reframe the sales conversation and created customized marketing pitches. In only three months, the company's sellers consistently delivered Challenger-driven conversations and performed significantly better in achieving product targets.

Sales refresh in 3 steps

Challenger revamped seller pitches and led teams to explore ways to get buyers to think differently.

With Challenger’s input, sellers developed reframes for longer and more effective conversations.

To achieve higher-level engagement with buyers, Challenger drove sellers to think beyond store managers.

Winning Sales Teams Now

  • Customize the pitch based on region and consumer preferences
  • Experience longer conversations with store managers
  • Analyze and integrate shopping trends
  • Teach, tailor and take control

Launched to Success

Challenger steers sellers to identify and communicate a unique position to the right stakeholders at the right time in the sales process.