Challenger Service™

Less effort, more love.

Don't change the script. Transform.

The amount a customer’s perception of effort is affected by how they feel in service interactions.


Number of times more accurate effort is in predicting loyalty than CSAT.


Percent of customers that are likely to exhibit disloyalty after a high-effort service experience.


Percent of customers that are likely to repurchase after a low-effort interaction.

The Effortless Experience™
Reduce customer effort by up to 82%

Low-effort experiences make happy, loyal customers. Shape your customer's experience with the wisdom of behavior innovation through the Effortless Experience Skills Framework.

Interaction tailoring and content surfacing skills

  • Flexing communication styles
  • Conveying advocacy
  • Active listening
  • Surfacing additional information

Experience engineering skills

  • Acknowledging baggage
  • Using positive language
  • Positioning alternatives

Forward resolving skills

  • Recognize opportunities
  • Position naturally

Let me show you how...

I Sleep better at night, thanks to a secure financial future.

Northwestern Mutual redefined success when they listened deeply to customers and used behavioral skills to drive conflict resolution.

Meeting the challenge

Lack of service representative coaching and training threatened to erode not just retention and engagement at Northwestern Mutual, but also their brand value. The company recognized the critical nature of the customer experience in preserving their reputation as a trusted partner in financial planning and security, and came to Challenger to transform their customer service interactions into Effortless Experiences.

Making the pivot

After deploying the Effortless Experience Coaching Capabilities Builder, decentralizing QA and embedding coaches in every team, dedicating more time to develop frontline rep skills, and launching the Effortless Experience Capabilities Builder, Northwestern Mutual improved first call resolution rates by nearly 10%, reduced attrition by 46%, and saw an average of 94% in CSAT and 61.2% in NPS for 2016.

This investment in coaching, and the overall development of our people, has changed the culture of our call center. You can see it in the data and out on the floor every day in how we help customers.

Jim LeMere

Director, Integrated Client and Field Services

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