Challenger is a different kind of sales method inspired by a different kind of seller. Challengers TEACH their customers something new, TAILOR their insights to address their buyers’ needs, and TAKE CONTROL of the conversation to help their buyers make decisions.

The good news is: Challengers are made, not born. With the right combination of training, practice, and coaching, you can transform sellers in your organization into high performers, and provide your customers with a differentiated sales experience that will help you win even the most complex sale.


What Does Real Transformation Look Like?

You see it in the experience your people have with customers. Your sellers deliver the right message, use the right skills, and engage the right customer stakeholders. This leads to better outcomes: more opportunities converted to closed deals, larger deals, closed faster, while customers report greater value from interaction with you.

The results of Challenger transformations are impressive: hundreds of companies have added billions in top line revenue and have more loyal, engaged and satisfied sales people. But this change is best appreciated when looking at the individual selling methods and seller performances that make up your experience with customers.

A Message Transformation

Kimberly-Clark Professional partnered with Challenger to craft an insight-lead message that led to, not with, their solution. This helped their business customers not only appreciate the value of KCP's products, but recognize the value of a clean working environment for reducing unplanned absences.

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A Different Approach.

In most sales conversations, shifting a customer’s thinking about their business or highligting sales operation problems, and then giving them a compelling reason to take action (a.k.a. being a Challenger) makes the difference between success and failure.

When individual sellers feel this difference, it changes their performance, their careers and their view of the sales profession.


Assistant Vice President, Business Banking, KMT Bank

"The biggest success I’ve had with Challenger is the ability to respectfully question the status quo and get the customer to think about how costly it is to keep things the way they are."

Russell Younghusband, Sales Director, Panasonic

"Challenger has brought a new dimension to our sales interactions that enables us to approach customers with thought-provoking discussion points focused on delivering valuable insights."

DeWitt Smith, Vice President, Sales & Retention, Affinity Health Plan

"Challenger has profoundly improved both our sales results and our customers’ perceptions, as demonstrated through our VOC scores. In short, Challenger has been the most impactful sales initiative we have undertaken in years."

Sales Transformation Begins Here

Installing a new selling methodology in your sales operations process is a journey. It requires inspiration and motivation to try something new from the top of the organization all the way down. It also requires individuals who are willing to lean in and learn new skills and selling methods, and leaders who will hold each team member accountable to apply those skills in their workflow.


Image: Inpire. Train. Apply.



Commercial insight is central to a Challenger approach. Companies on their journey with us build initial insight to support the new sales experience, but will also build an engine to update insight as their customer’s world changes.


To ensure a better experience for customers, sellers need to use the right behaviors and show confidence in moments that matter. Challenger training programs are designed for these moments in all stages of a typical sales process, from initial prospecting to late stage negotiation.


Messaging and training are only as good as your ability to execute. Challenger uses a purpose-built framework to help sellers continually apply good messaging and principles in each moment that matters across a sales process or sales system.


Hiring and retaining people is a fact of life at every organization. Keep your Challenger Transformation alive by hiring the right talent, building coaching capability and certifying internal expertise.


Highlight your investment in your sellers’ development with our badging program that recognizes their achievements and lets the world know that you’re a high-performing organization.