There are many characteristics of sales message that won’t change the direction of a customer’s thinking but there are two that will: Teaching your customer something new about their business, and giving them a compelling reason to take action.

This is known as Commercial Insight.

Our Challenger team partners with you to build a successful commercial insight engine. This means building, deploying, auditing and refreshing the messages that keep your Challenger approach successful and sustainable.


Message Transformations

Commercial Insight sounds different. It changes the sales experience for customers and brings greater success to companies who get it right. Check out a few stories below of real-world Before and After messages.


Franke challenged restaurant owners to rethink ice dispenser sanitization by shifting focus to customer health outcomes and EPA research instead of cleaning protocols.

Dentsply Sirona

Dentsply surfaced the hidden cause of hygienist absenteeism due to chronic pain from equipment use, identifying an immediate benefit to using their lightweight, ergonomic tool.


Xerox reframed K-12 school districts on the importance of color in the classroom by focusing less on waste reduction and more on student performance and learning outcomes.



Buyers are hungry for a better experience and a message that feels different. The answer is commercial insight, designed to challenge assumptions, motivate action and connect to your solution. Our whitepaper on Insight-Led Messaging highlights how Challenger enables organizations to win with better messaging.

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