Challenger Sales™

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Our Challenger portfolio of sales solutions is designed to support execution of an insight-led sales experience. An experience that builds customer loyalty and improves revenue performance.
Challenger Selection

A pre-hire assessment designed to find those sales candidates who will succeed in Challenger organizations. The assessment takes 50 minutes to complete and the hiring organization receives a recommendation report for each candidate.

The program is most successful when organizations assess as many initial candidates as possible and screen for those with the highest Challenger proclivity. This increases the likelihood of bringing high value talent into the organization and reduces time spent interviewing numerous candidates.

Unlimited Assessment Use

Results Reports, Interview Guides and Development Reports

Role-Play Interviewing Tools

Challenger Onboarding Portal

Quarterly Advisory Calls

Challenger Development Program

A transformation program designed to improve performance of the sales experience and lift sales results. The program centers on a two-day facilitated workshop for individual sellers and their managers. The experience is configured to your business and includes adult learning blended with guided practice and application.

The program journey includes pre-session communication and awareness activities and a comprehensive post-session application and measurement program (with e-learning modules, podcasts and refresh videos, manager tools and application measurement).

Based on Challenger Research

Based on Adult Learning Best Practice

Program Configured to Company Culture

Pre-Session Awareness and Post-Session Application Campaigns

Integrated Measurement Strategy

Coaching to the challenger

A program designed to augment Challenger Development and build the coaching skills front-line sales managers need to lead and support a Challenger transformation.

The program centers on a two-day facilitated workshop for learning and practicing coaching fundamentals and uses the Challenger PAUSE framework. The program includes manager-specific communications and pre-work and post-session interactions and application modules.

Based in Best Practice Coaching Research

Delivered by Former Sales Leaders

Designed with Adult Learning Best Practice

Program Configured to Company Culture

Commercial teaching and the sales conversation

A program designed for commercial organizations continuing their Challenger journey. The program helps sellers deepen their commercial teaching skills and strengthen their ability to build and tailor commercial teaching content. The program centers on a one-day workshop with awareness and communication activities provided prior and application and sustainment activities provided after.

Seamless Continuation of Challenger research

Based on Adult Learning Best Practice

Flexible and Modular Design

Activating customer mobilizers

A program designed for commercial organizations interested in expanding their Challenger skill set to engage and motivate the most valuable customer stakeholders. The program provides sellers an opportunity to practice and apply the Mobilizer concept in more effective account strategy. Program roll out also includes a path for managers to strengthen their account strategy coaching and foster more innovative thinking in their teams.

Seamless Continuation of Challenger Research

Based on Mobilizer Customer Profile Research

Based on Adult Learning Best Practice

Flexible and Modular Design

Challenger Deal Accelerator

A one-day workshop designed to progress critical sales opportunities through facilitated peer support and coaching. The workshop is led by a Challenger Deal Coach and involves peer teams working together to refine their messaging and commercial strategy account by account. The experience is different from that of a traditional training workshop. It's meant to strengthen real-world application of skills learned in those events.

Challenger Application to Live Deals

Catalyst for Innovative Thinking

External, Fresh Perspective on Critical Deals

For mid-sized companies

Challenger Activation

A technology-enabled program designed with high-growth, mid-sized enterprises in mind. Challenger Activation is a multi-year journey that enables Challenger skill development, message creation and behavior adoption in an e-learning environment.

Organizations will learn to develop commercial insights, train both their sellers and managers on Challenger skills and embed the Challenger methodology through utilization of the wide variety of enablement tools, resources and best practices.

Leadership Alignment and Planning

Commercial Insight Creation

Virtual Coaching Training for Sales Managers

Challenger Skill Training and Application for Sellers

Sustainment Plan and Enablement Resources

Virtual Events and Webinars

Live Learning and Networking Events

Dedicated Challenger Consultant Support

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