Of the five most common B2B seller types, the Challenger profile has been proven, time and time again, to be the most successful. In fact, Challengers are 3x more productive than average performers in highly complex selling environments.

Delivers New Insights to Customers

A Challenger seller teaches the customer something new about their business by bringing commercial insight.

Personalizes Sales Messages

Challenger sellers uncover customer needs and keep a deal moving with personalized messaging.

Drives the Customer to a Decision

Challenger sellers don't waste time with Talkers - they build consensus with Mobilizers.

The Right Skills Give You An Advantage Over Other Sellers

Challengers have a different view of the world, they have a profound understanding of customer needs, and love to debate and push the customer to think differently about their business. Their conversations always lead with insight, not with the solution they intend to sell.

Challenger sellers have the skills to close complex deals because they deliver unique insights that provide real value.

The Challenger Approach

The Challenger Approach provides transformational training and development solutions that help you build a high-performing sales team that has the right skills to use the right message with the right buyers. Our Skills training focuses on:


Foundational Selling Skills

Sellers learn and practice the core Challenger sales skills to disrupt the customer status quo.

Demand Creation

Sellers refine Commercial Teaching skills and improve their ability to disrupt the status quo, create demand, and make a case for change.

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Challengers Teach with Insight, Tailor messages to the customer’s unique needs; and they Take Control of the decision-making journey. Download our 1-page whitepaper to learn more about Challenger selling skills.