To engage your targets and create demand with your customers, you must change the way they define their needs by teaching them how to think about their business differently. Challenger sellers are skilled at teaching their customer about unknown or underappreciated needs that lead back to the unique differentiators in your product, service or solution portfolio.

The Right Message Moves the Deal Forward

When buyers are presented with a sales conversation that leads with a solution and not commercial insight, the typical reaction is to do nothing, to delay, or to push back.

Customers are most likely to rethink their current course and reset buying criteria only when confronted with surprising information about their business and a compelling case for change based on the cost of inaction. You need the right message to overturn the status quo thinking of your buyer.

The Challenger Approach

Creating messages with compelling commercial insight is a critical part of the Challenger approach. Our team can provide your sales and marketing organization the support it needs to build and deliver this insight.


Disruptive Commercial Messaging

Learn the building blocks of disruptive commercial messaging and how to embed insight-led messages into marketing and sales content.

Building Commercial Insight

Build field-ready Commercial Insights that your sellers can use when targeting high-priority customer segments.

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Getting your Commercial Insight right is fundamental to any Challenger sale. Download our 1-page whitepaper on The Right Message and learn how to lead with insight – and how to propel deals forward.