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Episode 1 | The Negotiation

Am I speaking Procurement’s language?

Learn how Challengers shift from talking about the ‘cost of the problem’ to the ‘value of the solution’ in a way that resonates with late-stage stakeholders.

Episode 2 | The Introduction

How can I build instant credibility with a new customer or prospect?

Learn how Challengers demonstrate their preparation and critical thinking in the first interaction with a new customer or prospect.

Episode 3 | The Discovery Call

How do I prevent ‘Discovery’ from turning into a game of 20 Questions?

Learn how Challengers ask high-gain questions and add value during Discovery.

Episode 4 | The Teaching Opportunity

Have I earned the right to ‘teach’ my customer yet?

Learn how Challengers leverage credibility building and effective questioning to then introduce the right insight, at the right time.

Episode 5 | The Territory Plan

How should I prioritize my pursuits and protect my limited time?

Learn how Challengers prioritize their pursuits, whether halfway through the year or beginning with a completely new territory.


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