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#1 | Stop Wasting Time on the Wrong Opportunities

Today’s buyers behave differently than they did just a few months ago. They are budget constrained and risk-averse. They struggle to reach consensus across ever-expanding stakeholder groups. Deferred decisions are the norm, and traditional approaches – features/benefits or question-based selling - won’t engage them and won’t deliver expected results.

The good news? Challenger wrote the book on how to win in complex selling environments just like this one.

In this lesson you'll learn:

- How high-performers use Challenger skills at various points across the sales cycle 
- How to bring a more consistent approach to day-to-day execution of Challenger behaviors and activities 
- Why the “right opportunities” might look very different today than just 5 months ago, and how to pursue them successfully

#2 Capturing Attention by Leading with Insight

Explore the most effective ways to generate leads and capture the limited time and attention of your prospects.

In this lesson you'll learn how to:

- Prospect and find customers that are hungry for insight
- Write compelling Challenger emails
- Ensure you’re spending time wisely by better understanding your ideal customer profiles

#3 How to Reframe Your Top Targets

What happens the moment you reach out to a prospect? For a Challenger, this is the beginning of the ‘Reframe’ – arguably the most important step toward winning the complex sale.

In this lesson you'll learn how to:

- Spark interest and book the first call
- Facilitate a successful commercial teaching interaction 
- Generate a tangible next step

#4 Getting Constructive Tension Right

In order to move risk-averse customers off of their status quo, you’ll need both a rational case for change and an emotional appeal for action.

In this lesson you'll learn how to:

- Sift through different stakeholder needs to find the buying group’s common objective 
- Build a business case that forges consensus 
- Use the perfect story or anecdote to humanize the business problem

#5 Mobilizing Action with the Right Buyers

In complex selling environments, if you don’t have a Mobilizer, you don’t have a real opportunity. And if you don’t have a playbook for coaching your Mobilizer, you don’t have a plan.

In this less you'll learn how to:

- Coach customer mobilizers to teach their peers on your behalf 
- Choose the right “Powerful Requests” when asking your Mobilizers to commit to next steps 
- Tailor to new or non-traditional stakeholders that have entered the buying group

#6 A Plan for the Close

What’s your plan for the final mile? Are you delivering consistent and productive closing conversations?

In this lesson you'll learn how to:

- Negotiate terms and conditions that deliver value to everybody
- ‘Take Control’ of tactical next (and final) steps
- Respond to the inevitable request for a discount

#7 Grow Accounts Through Commercial Teaching

Congratulations! You’ve closed the deal. Now what? More than ever, reps responsible for managing existing customer relationships must do more than just renew accounts. They must continue to challenge their customers if they expect to grow those relationships.

In this lesson you'll learn how to:

- Use Challenger skills to create a consistent, value-centric customer experience. 
- Continue to partner with customers beyond the sale and implementation, 
- Continuing to challenge, teach, and prescribe best practices to deliver measurable customer improvement.


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