Consumer Packaged Goods


$3.3 billion (2013)


58,000 Employees (2013)

Kimberly-Clark redefined success when they discovered how much their customers were losing to preventable sick days.

Kimberly Clark Professional (KCP) is a leading supplier in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry. With products that are often seen as commodities, KCP wanted to differentiate themselves through their messaging to overcome two key issues: selling premium products in an increasingly commoditized market, and experiencing decreasing profit margins due to heavy discount concessions.

Before Challenger

“We have cleaning and hygiene products to help your employees keep the workplace free of bacteria. Tests show these products kill 98% of germs, which is especially important this flu season. Your last order was placed approximately six months ago, so it’s probably time to replenish your supply. We can even offer a 10% discount if you place the order today. How many boxes can we get you?”

After Challenger

“As you know, a huge issue affecting the productivity and cost of employing your workforce is their ability to show up to work consistently. What you may not know is that 5.3% of your payroll is dedicated to compensating for unplanned absences and that most of these absences are within your control as an organization. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. Remember, these illnesses are preventable. So, you don’t have to just accept that your employees will get sick this year, be less productive due to their illnesses, and ultimately cost a huge chunk of payroll.”

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