Industrial Manufacturing


$3.7 billion (2017)


17,000 (2017)

Flowserve reframed its customer’s thinking around the risks and costs associated with a standard approach to repair and maintenance.

The Flowserve Corporation is a leading manufacturer and supplier of premium industrial machinery such as pumps, valves, and mechanical seals. To stay competitive in an increasingly commoditized market, the company focused on creating a more valuable sales experience for their customers.
Implementing a behavioral transformation in their global field force was a complex endeavor, including workshops for over 1,200 managers and front line sales engineers in 10 different languages, across five continents, each with cultural sensitivities and market nuance

Before Challenger

“Flowserve is a leading supplier of pumps, seals, and valves for large capex projects like yours. We have the expertise to walk you through each stage of development to reduce delays and improve plant uptime.”

After Challenger

“Many engineers underestimate the impact that comes from using equipment from multiple vendors. Minor fluctuations in capacity, specifications, and repair processes across multiple suppliers can turn a small repair into a large scale systemic issue. This can bring your facility offline and cost you more than you realize.”

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