Timur Hicyilmaz, Senior Director of Research, reviews the findings of our 3-part Selling Skills Study in 2021 blog series. In these posts, we examine what sellers need to be successful nearly 12 months into the “new normal”. Research shows that, now more than ever, Challenger selling skills are the key differentiators for a successful close, but two new skills have emerged in 2021 that could make all the difference in the world.

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Challenger Skills in 2021: Part 1

Our first video looks at the distribution of sellers by profile in 2020, using the same profiles from our original Challenger study in 2009. Perhaps no surprise: Challenger sellers continue to distinguish themselves as high performers. 

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Challenger Skills in 2021: Part 2

The second video focuses on selling characteristics that have remained important: being able to deliver insight with quantified economic value to a customer, ideally relishing the required constructive tension.

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Challenger Skills in 2021: Part 3

The final video in this series focuses on the selling characteristics that have become even more important in 2021: communication skills, particularly those than can engage potential customers in a remove environment.

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