Challenger Marketing™

The right message. The right time. The right way.

Marketing success through strategy and messaging

Customers are 57% through their decision process before reaching out to sellers. Reach them when it counts with a message that really matters through Challenger Marketing.

Align sales and marketing stakeholders

Codesign content strategy, demand generation, and commercial insight to change how customers think of their own business.

Identify roles and responsibilities

Break collaboration barriers across sales, research, product, and marketing to improve efficiency and customer experience.

Turn commercial insights into Challenger messages

Learn to challenge customer assumptions, catalyze action, lead to your strengths, and scale content.

Sustain the strategy and expand capacity

Develop certified in-house expertise to scale and sustain your organization’s messaging strategy.

Let me show you how...

Protecting our hands means protecting our people.

Kimberly-Clark redefined success when they discovered how much their customers were losing to preventable sick days.

Meeting the challenge

In the highly commoditized consumer packaged goods industry, Kimberly-Clark was searching for a way to differentiate. We helped the organization derive research-based commercial insights and craft messages that uncovered powerful invisible truths about their customers’ businesses. Challenger marketing shifted the conversation to Kimberly-Clark’s unique differentiators and away from features and benefits, turning the organization into a trusted partner rather than just a vendor.

Making the pivot

Challenger helped evolve how Kimberly-Clark communicated their value. While the company previously cited that their products kill 98% of germs and regularly offered discount packages, the Challenger Messaging process revealed a more compelling reason to buy: 5.3% of payroll is dedicated to illness-related employee absences! Imagine eliminating this issue by keeping employees healthy every day in partnership with Kimberly-Clark.

Customers felt that I was bringing value and knowledge to their business.

Professional Sales Representative


Inspired customers. Better business outcomes.

Create less — but more powerful — content

Commercial insight-based content is surprising and disruptive. That drives more shared and earned media, enabling less content to work harder for you.

Boost lead and deal quality

Content anchored to commercial insight reshapes buying criteria to uniquely favor you, and it delivered early in the purchase journey, when customers are most malleable.

Strengthen the marketing and sales partnership

Co-creation of commercial insight and content strategy by sales and marketing builds deeper understanding, cooperation, and inter-departmental efficiencies.

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