On-Demand: The Customer Experience Summit

Access the on-demand session today! The Customer Experience Summit is a no nonsense virtual gathering of customer service and experience leaders that will bring meaningful takeaways you can put into action today. If your role involves engaging with customers on a daily basis, this summit is for you. Leaders from the world’s most influential brands to discussed what’s new, what’s to come, and what’s actually working in the world of customer service.

It’s a fact. Customer experience is becoming more important than price and product when it comes to loyalty. But how do you keep up in today’s ‘new normal’? By meeting the demands of the modern customer, organizations can strive to reach the efficiencies that they need in today’s environment. Find out how you need to adapt.

Featured Challenger Sessions Included

Welcome Session Panel: Driving Customer Experience in Challenging Times
Lauren Pragoff | Vice President, Effortless Experience™; Matt Dixon | Chief Product and Research Officer, Tethr; Brad Birnbaum | CEO, Co-Founder & Chairman, Kustomer

Times have changed! What helped companies win yesterday will not work today. In this session, customer experience experts talk about top trends in customer experience and share how companies are winning through an effortless experience.

The Most Important Lever Contact Centers Aren’t Pulling
Scott Rothman, Director

Very little of the modern contact center resembles the call center of yesterday. Customers are savvier than ever and expectations are a constant moving target. As a result, companies now hire reps who can be successful in taking control of customer issues. However, companies continue to fill their supervisor ranks by promoting their top-performing reps into leadership roles that they are not prepared to do. Our research shows that coaching is the best driver of frontline rep performance — doing this well will result in higher performance gains relative to best practices in retention, recruiting, and even training. Join this session to learn about the coaching model your supervisors should be practicing—and the risks you face if they do not.

Becoming a Low-Effort Service Organization: Lessons Learned from Implementing Effortless Experience™
Amy Smith, Director; Lea Harpster, Vice President, Customer Service, Thomson Reuters; Marian Favors, Director, Customer Support, KARL STORZ Endoscopy-America; Brian Fenerty, Director of Recruiting Operations at Indeed

Challenger has partnered with dozens of organizations, across a variety of industries, and in both B2B and B2C environments, to implement Effortless Experience™ strategies. Join this panel session to hear directly from your peers as they discuss their best practices and lessons learned from their journeys to reduce customer effort.

Small Words, Big Impact
Lauren Pragoff, Vice President, Effortless Experience™

Customer baggage includes past experiences, perceptions, and relationships with companies that customers carry into service interactions. In many organizations, customer service representatives are trained to ignore customer baggage, and instead focus on resolving the immediate issue they contacted the company about. What those organizations do not realize is that customer effort can be reduced up to 72% by acknowledging baggage in live service interactions.

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