On-Demand: Selling in the New Environment
Webinar Series

What can history teach us about sales performance in complex environments?

Challenger invites you to participate in a three-part webinar series examining the environment commercial leaders and sales professionals are operating in today and moving forward. Each webinar is hosted by Challenger’s SVP of Marketing and Business Development, Spence Wixom, and features interviews from authors of the best-selling books The Challenger Sale and The Challenger Customer. They seek to uncover the keys to leading commercial teams and driving business results in the new environment.

A Webinar Series Featuring Spencer Wixom and Guests

A Challenger Origin Story

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Matt Dixon, Co-Author of The Challenger Sale, discusses what drives sales performance in times of economic uncertainty...

Engaging Customers At Arm's Length

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Pat Spenner, Co-Author of The Challenger Customer, discusses most effective ways to spark attention, deliver Commercial Insight, and engage customer Mobilizers in this uncertain environment

The Road Ahead

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Join Matt Dixon and Spence Wixom as they reflect on recent developments and updates since their initial conversation and answer questions that are top of mind for sales and marketing leaders as they navigate this new environment…