Insight Leaders: A Webinar Series Featuring World-Renowned Authors, Experts and Visionaries

Now, more than ever, commercial and customer service leaders must be willing to look at the world from a different angle in order to win in the face of added complexity. At Challenger, we’re all about upending conventional wisdom and looking for a new, better way forward. After all, we wrote the book(s) on it!

If you’re responsible for revenue growth, marketing messaging or lead a customer service team, this series is for you.

We’ve interviewed these experts and thought leaders in sales, marketing, and customer service who have, in true Challenger fashion, some surprising, data-backed, and often counter-intuitive insights to share.

Register for the upcoming live webinars in this series or access previous on-demand sessions below, and you’ll walk away with new ideas and frameworks that will change the way you see the world and go about accomplishing your objectives.

Sales & Marketing

Customer Service

What Attendees Are Saying

“One of the best webinars I’ve been on.”

VP of Sales, Sales Technology

“Loved this webinar!”

Head of Sales, Multi-billion Consumer Products Company

“Great content that’s relevant in today’s market.”

CEO, Software Company

“Phenomenal session, thank you so much!”

Senior Director, Shared Services/Customer Service

“Really frank and honest conversation. One of the best ones I have been on as you have painted an accurate picture!”

Director, Customer Service