Upcoming Workshop:
Applying Low-Effort Skills in a High-Effort World

Back by popular demand – our Effortless Experience™ workshops.

When something goes wrong, and things go wrong all the time, there is one dominant factor in a customer’s experience that will ultimately decide their future loyalty, and that is how easy we make it to get their problem solved.

Through over a decade of research, we’ve identified specific skills reps must have to create a low-effort experience for their customers.

Join us as we highlight the nine low-effort skills and workshop one of the nine skills, positive language, to see how it can be applied at your organization. Positive language has been proven to lead to an 82% improvement in the quality of the experience.

This workshop is intended for everyone in the contact center, from reps all the way up to the head of the function.

We hope to see you there!

June 24, 2021

2:00pm ET