On-Demand Webinar with Ambition:
Road-testing the Top 10 Sales Predictions of 2020

Just like every other year in modern history, every sales blog on the planet is forecasting sales industry trends. Everywhere you look, there’s another SEO-rich list filled with must-know wisdom and/or foul portents for the year ahead. But, the thing is, you’ve got a job to do. You need someone to cut through the noise and tell you what you *really* need to know.

Ambition’s co-founder, Brian Trautschold, and Challenger’s SVP of Sales and Marketing, Kevin Hart, sat down to discuss and dissect the top predictions for 2020 around topics such as:

  • Sales technology and enablement: what to buy, what to ditch, and how to use these resources more effectively
  • Shifting power dynamics within your sales organization
  • Traits and attributes of 2020’s buyer and how you can speak to them
  • Shifting trends in sales coaching, sales enablement, and more

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