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As part of our effort to create meaningful impact around the current COVID-19 pandemic, Challenger has created this Effortless Experience Resource Center. This resource center is designed to help customer service and support leaders manage to help you stay ahead of the crisis by offering the latest in customer service insights and research.




To help you navigate the current uncertainty caused by the unprecedented global pandemic, Challenger is providing resources such as tips and tricks videos, “how-to” tutorials on low effort skills, a CX virtual summit, virtual roundtables and more.

These resources will be updated frequently, so please check back often for the latest tools.


Our tutorial series features Effortless Experience leaders sharing insights to help customer service representatives, managers, and leaders navigate strategies for today’s environment. These short videos discuss the key ways in which you must adapt to survive the new complexities, with tips on adjusting your communication styles for the virtual workplace to acknowledging and addressing customer baggage.

Lauren Pragoff
Acknowledging Baggage with Lauren Pragoff, VP, Effortless Experience

Flexing Communication Styles with Doug Ferreira, Certified Facilitator of the Effortless Experience™

Insights & Resources

Customer Experience Summit

We’re bringing together leaders from the world’s most influential brands to discuss what’s new, what’s to come, and what’s actually working in the world of customer service.
Virtual Event

Navigating Customer Service and Support in Uncertain Times

To help you navigate the current storm, Challenger conducted a brief survey (March 8-12, 2020) measuring the general actions being taken by your peers. Read our analysis of the results.
Challenger Blog

Bold Decisions During Uncertain Times

What should organizations do, today, to be successful tomorrow? Challengers recommends making bold decisions and applying three fundamental insights to thought leadership during these unprecedented times.
Challenger Blog

Waning Optimism and Waning Contact Volumes

Our second pulse survey results show a significant decrease in optimism with a 706% increase in respondents anticipating a “high” impact to 2020 budgets as a result of the crisis.
Challenger Blog

Coronavirus Survey Results

Customer service and support leaders are starting to experience spikes in contact volume in response to coronavirus. To help you navigate the storm, Challenger conducted brief survey measuring the general actions of your peers.

Supporting Customer Service Through the Coronavirus Crisis

The current pandemic has put service leaders under pressure they’ve never experienced. With a focus on the right skills and support, service organizations can succeed or flourish during the crisis.
Blog by HBR

Preparing Your Business for a Post-Pandemic World

Having a framework in place can guide you as you work to bounce back from the crisis. Harvard Business Review suggests using five Ps: position, plan, perspective, projects, and preparedness.
Blog by HBR

How-To Videos

We know some of you are moving a mile-a-minute and many of you only have a minute to spare.  We also know it’s important not to lose sight of what makes customer service invaluable during times like these.  Below are a collection of one minute videos; each detail one helpful hint that remind us of what we can be doing to more effortlessly navigate all this uncertainty.

The Importance of Positive Language

View this 1-minute video on how positive language creates effortless experiences.


How to Reduce Costs

View this 1-minute video on ways to reduce costs in your service experience.


How to be a Better Advocate

View this 1-minute video on how to advocate for your customers.


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Effortless Experience Resource Center

To help you navigate the current uncertainty caused by the unprecedented global pandemic, Challenger is...

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Effortless Experience How-To Videos

We know some of you are moving a mile-a-minute and many of you only have...

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