Quality assurance

Why is quality assurance important for your customer service?

88% of customer service leaders say their current quality assurance processes are ineffective. That’s because these processes don’t match up with their customers’ view of what “quality” is.

How quality assurance drives performance

The problem is that most quality assurance functions were built on a foundation of compliance with policy and accuracy against a checklist, not your customers’ definition of quality.

You need to put the focus back on the customer. You need more than a rote checklist to understand your customers’ perceptions. You need a quality program that matches your customers’ subjective view of their experiences. And, perhaps most importantly, you need to do more than just audit your reps. You need to develop their skill set so they can deliver an even better customer experience again and again.

You need Challenger.

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Our quality assurance services

We rebuild quality assurance processes so they focus on meaningful customer behaviors instead of rote checklist items.

In our one-day quality assurance workshop, we’ll teach you how to:

  • Evaluate customer calls using a flexible, behavior-based quality assurance framework
  • Deliver performance feedback with a call listening approach focused on trends in performance
  • Select the right competencies for your team
  • Provide tools and templates to sustain your transformation


The process of migrating to a new quality assurance program can feel overwhelming. We simplify the journey. Our change management support services include:

Training the quality assurance team and supervisors

Calibrating everyone together so all teams are evaluating similarly

Establishing new quality assurance career pathing

Building new opportunities using our suggested responsibilities and competencies across various levels within the quality assurance team

Determining the core quality assurance competencies

Evaluating the behaviors that define the type of customer service you want your reps to deliver in every interaction

Integrating new quality assurance outputs with existing coaching mechanisms

Improving collaboration between supervisors and quality assurance to further rep development

Implementing trends-based calibration processes

Focusing on trending development opportunities rather than one-off mistakes

Assessing the ongoing organizational impact

Ensuring your quality assurance program gives your leaders a pulse on your aggregated rep performance

Our team will help you modernize your quality assurance function. You’ll receive expert facilitation, out-of-the-box resources, and research-driven consulting support to help your organization implement a flexible, competency-based framework aligned with your unique talent development and customer needs.

It’s time to align your customer experience quality assurance program with what your customers expect and what your reps can feel empowered to deliver.

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Why is quality assurance important?

Quality assurance helps organizations deliver a superior customer experience. Organizations want to ensure their customers consistently get the best quality service from their sales and customer service reps. So, organizations review customer interactions, including phone calls, chats, and emails, to ensure that reps are meeting customer expectations.

Eliminating inconsistencies in your customer experience is important. When your customer service is consistent, your reps:

  • Avoid miscommunications
  • Deliver on your brand promise
  • Build stronger relationships with customers
  • Feel more productive and engaged

And, when customers have a positive customer experience, they are more likely to be loyal, purchase again from your company, and recommend your company to others.

What is quality assurance for customer service?

Quality assurance was originally a manufacturing process. It was designed to catch flaws and mistakes. But the processes of manufacturing aren’t the same as customer service interactions, especially as expectations about what makes a positive customer experience continue to evolve. For customer service, quality assurance is about delivering the same high-quality customer experience to every customer every time.

To deliver that top experience, organizations must consider their current experience. Consider these questions about how you measure customer service quality. Does your scorecard:

  • Evaluate whether your reps use the same script on every call?
  • Address the same problems over and over?
  • Catch when a rep does something wrong?
  • Encourage reps to get the customer off the phone as quickly as possible?

If the answer is yes to any of the questions above, it’s time for a change. Your scorecard isn’t focusing on what matters: customer expectations.

What should you do instead?

  • Build a quality assurance evaluation based on research and data on rep behaviors tied to customer outcomes, such as customer satisfaction
  • Ensure you aren’t using a one-size-fits-all approach to evaluation because reps are handling more complex issues that require personalized service
  • Focus on developing the competencies and behaviors that advance reps’ skills

If you’re ready to start transforming your customer experience, let's talk about your quality assurance process.

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