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For sales and marketing leaders navigating the Challenger Journey to learn, share best practices and build networks.

Our Upcoming Events:

Our invite-only Challenger™ Connect events gather innovative sales and marketing leaders from a diverse range of companies, industries and categories to discuss critical issues, discover new insights, and expand networks. These in-person events will be back in 2021, stay tuned! In the meantime, please access these on-demand and live virtual sessions from our “Winning the Challenger Sale” series.

Stop Wasting Time On The Wrong Opportunities

In this lesson you'll learn how to focus your efforts as we introduce a framework for executing Challenger skills at the highest level across your sales process.

Capture Attention By Leading With Insight

Learn the most effective ways to generate demand through compelling emails targeted at your ideal customers.

How to Reframe Your Top Targets

The first step in changing a buyer's direction and moving past status quo is the ‘Reframe’ – arguably the most important, but difficult to master, step in winning a complex sale. Learn how to improve your ability to reframe your customers.

Getting "Constructive Tension" Right

To drive decisions, you need to appeal to reason AND emotion. We’ll help you dial up the constructive tension in your conversations with tips for building business cases and telling stories that humanize business problems.

Mobilizing Customer Action With The Right Buyers

In complex selling environments, if you don’t have a Mobilizer, you don’t have a chance. And if you don’t have a playbook for coaching them, you don’t have a plan. This lesson will show you how to get your Mobilizers to sell on your behalf.

A Plan for the Close

What’s your plan for the final mile? Are you delivering consistent and productive closing conversations? In this lesson learn how to negotiate terms and conditions that deliver value to everybody while taking control of tactical final steps.

Grow Accounts Through Commercial Teaching

Congratulations! You’ve closed the deal. Now what? If you’re responsible for the hand-off, the onboarding, or the ultimate success of a new customer, join us to learn about the importance of continuing to Challenge your customers.

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