A team of Challenger consultants will provide the advice and resources you need to successfully introduce, embed, and sustain Challenger across your organization. This advice extends beyond the effective deployment of sales training to include prescriptive guidance for sustaining commercial transformation across six critical pillars.

Leadership Alignment

Building Momentum for Change
Internal Steering
Communication Planning
Vision Statements

Message Deployment

Building Commercial Insight
Challenger Marketing
Content Marketing

Skill Development

Awareness and Preparation
Skills Application

Process Improvement

Embedding Challenger in CRM
Opportunity Management
Stakeholder Management

People Management

Performance Management

Success Measurement

Selecting and Prioritizing Metrics
Capturing and Publicizing Wins
Identifying Development Opportunities

Expert Advice from Challenger

Your Challenger project team, with their knowledge and awareness of your business, Challenger achievements to date, and potential red-flags, will tailor best practices, tools, and our experience-based advice to your specific situation.  ​

Our conversations will be structured to deepen understanding, as well as drive action, by addressing the following: ​

  • Challenger’s opinion – Based on Challenger’s years of experience, what do we consider to be the right answer?​
  • Key considerations – Which organizational factors might affect what the right answer is, and how it is achieved?​
  • Common pitfalls – What are the common obstacles to achieving a positive outcome?​
  • Next steps – How should commercial organizations plan for action
  • Tools – Which tools should your team use to successfully address this topic?