Katharina Cavano

A group of Challenger mobilizers in Shell kicked off the adoption of the concept three years ago. Today, the Company continues to enable and strengthen this successful sales transformation across its global team.

Shell Lubricants has been on a Sales Enablement journey for the last 15 years. The company’s dedication to excellence among sales people has led to great success and a leading position in the industry. But they’ve also felt the affects of change in customer behavior and the need to keep evolving and improving to not let win rates slip.  Staying ahead of the game requires implementing new ideas.

This is what brought Shell and Challenger together. Dr. Martyn Jeffries, a Commercial Excellence Leader in Shell’s Global Commercial Business, spoke recently on the company’s transformation to a Challenger go to market strategy at the Challenger Sales and Marketing Summit in London. He spoke specifically of the effect this transformation has had on performance.

A new way of selling for Shell

Dr. Jeffries describes how a small group of individuals on Shell’s North American team began advocating for the Challenger concept, and soon realized they weren’t considering just any idea, but what “might actually be a new way of selling, a new way of thinking.”

In Dr. Jeffries words, “a group of people wake up to that [Challenger] way of working and they start telling the story.”

Continuous improvement takes inside effort:

Specific steps that work for Shell include:

  1. Brainstorming business potential for customers stuck in status quo thinking
  2. Defining the customer’s buying journey in stages and milestones to find opportunities for prescriptive intervention
  3. Asking customers pointed and specific questions to help identify their position in the buying journey
  4. Educating sales and marketing teams on best practice behaviors and embedding these in tools used on a daily basis
  5. Building coaching capability in managers, helping them position Challenger in support of individual seller problems

It’s an exciting story that continues to evolve.

Watch the full presentation on Shell’s Challenger Experience below:

Katharina Cavano